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How to lift a motorbike easily and effectively with a lift

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Step 1. Prepare your working area

As we said, a lifted motorbike can be a matter of life and death. If you want the whole lifting process to be safe for you, then you need to start by preparing an ideal working area for lifting a motorbike.


The ideal area for using a jack should be a level surface, preferably a concrete floor.


Don't even think about lifting the bike on a carpeted floor - this is a bad idea and can easily cause the lift, which is carrying the weight of the motorbike, to slip. If the bike doesn't fall on you and leave you seriously injured, then it will smash to the ground and suffer serious damage.



Step 2. Know where to lift your bike from

While the bike is still on the ground, check the bottom of it and familiarise yourself with it. Look for the most supportive place where you can easily lift your bike with a jack.


The idea here is to find a flat surface under the engine to lift without making any adjustments. Lifting your bike on an uneven surface may result in an unbalanced lift, prompting your bike to fall over.


If you are dealing with a cruiser, you might consider frame rails. For sport bikes, frame sliders will provide you with a secure lifting point.


Step 3. Prepare your motorbike for lifting

Before you start lifting, get your motorbike upright and well supported. Preparing your bike for lifting becomes easier if it has a central stand. Simply place some wooden blocks under the stand before lowering it.


If possible, have the other hand grab the handlebars at the front of the bike and straddle the front wheel with your leg. Then, stand back and help your partner guide the bike into an upright position. Make sure your partner holds on to the front brake lever while making this adjustment.


Safety tip: If you're the type of person who doesn't leave anything to chance, you might consider securing your bike to a stand with a ratchet strap. This is a safety measure that will prevent your bike from losing its balance and falling over as you work.


Step 4. Make a good lift

Now place the lift where you have settled (in step 2) as the safest place to lift your jack. Start lifting your bike slowly and evenly. If you feel that your bike is unstable at one point, don't hesitate to put it down and start again - better safe than sorry!


Most motorbike lifts have adjustable heights, starting at around 11 inches and ending at around 16.5 inches. The height you choose to lift your bike depends on the parts you need to access and what you need to do on it.



Step 5. Place the jack in place

Congratulations! You have successfully jacked your bike off the ground and are not ready for repairs or route maintenance.

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