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Our aim is to provide great racing!

We and the rest of the team love to ride off road, to most of us it is more than just a hobby and has become a passion. We appreciate that there are many different types, ages and levels of riders and try to make all of our events as accessible and enjoyable for the novice as they are for the expert level rider.

The positive feedback from our customers are the great recognition of our efforts.
We have an excellent technical team
We look for the best partner to share our product range and our philosophy!
Welcome to be our next partner!

Fast shipping, great price and very useful. Tried it out already and bike held securely and this will definitely save my fork seals in the long run.

I liked the fact this item is made of real steel and fitted exactly and was easily installed. Great improvement on the chipped plastic original.

Look good, backing and velcro seem like good quality.

Awesome for keeping my helmet safe and working on it.

The studs are well made, light and fit the track nicely.

I bought these for my tractor as tool storage. They work perfectly for it but my five star review is for durability.

Yesterday I was doing some grading work and as I was backing up I heard a crunch and pop. I crushed the tube against a tree. Hard. I thought it was broken for sure and I’ve only had them for a few weeks. Nope, not one crack. It was a little deformed and with some patience I was able to coax it back into shape and the lid was able to screw back on. I couldn’t believe it. The waterproof seal works great to keep tools dry and it’s y’all enough for channel locks and a large crescent wrench.

I highly recommend these for more than just motorcycle use.

Was after a rear wheel tie down system and saw this. For the price was worth a try and I'm happy to report it worked effectively. Was easy to fit and tie down, and the bike didn't move over two 250 mile trailer trips. Avoids having to compress your shock, so better for the bike.

If you forget to remove a front brake disk lock from a motorcycle and then attempt to drive off - it's comical to watch but damages the fork. Get one of these and keep it on the disk lock in your bag... when you lock the front disk leave one end in the lock and stretch the other loop up and onto a handgrip.


When you come back the motorcycle, distracted but ready to ride off, the loop on the handgrip reminds you to take off the disk lock!

I've used 4 of these and they're a good measure to mitigate damage to the exhaust during a light crash. Fits the Akrapovic for the RC390 and RSV4 nicely. Cut the excess worm clamp strap for a cleaner look.

Just as described. Fit perfect and didn’t have and issues with them.

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