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  • Buying guide of Motorbike folding ramps


    Our wide range of motorbike and loading ramps are made from high quality aluminium and are available in a range of strengths and lengths, with loads up to 680kg and are also ideal for heavy motorbikes. All our folding loading ramps have a slight curve to improve ground clearance and make loading eas Read More
  • How to maintain your motorbike brake calipers(2)


    As the distance between the separated pads and the attached discs is only a small distance, the unit of caliper travel is usually only a few millimetres. Theoretically, if the wheel and disc are not crooked, then the gap between the pads and the disc will not exceed 0.1mm, so the piston travel of a Read More
  • How to maintain your motorbike brake calipers(1)


    Disc brakes feature brake pads that open automatically when the rider's hand leaves the brake lever. However, if the pads are to operate smoothly, the calipers must be serviced. If the pistons of dual and opposing four-piston calipers are out of sync, piston cleaner can be used to fix this.When remo Read More
  • How to choose motorbike ramps


    Have an idea of the size of your motorbikeMotocross bikes, ADVs or smaller road bikes may only need single track ramps for you to take them up. Never ride up a single wheel ramp as you could fall and get injured. Larger bikes such as cruisers, sport bikes or touring bikes may need a full width ramp Read More
  • Lift the motorbike with a lift


    Step 1. Prepare your working areaAs we said, a lifted motorbike can be a matter of life and death. If you want the whole lifting process to be safe for you, then you need to start by preparing an ideal working area for lifting a motorbike. The ideal area for using a jack should be a level surface, p Read More
  • 8 tips for safe cycling


    1. Equipment is more than just a helmetI don't know if it's because they're trying to cope or for other reasons, but many cyclists think that wearing a helmet is all they need to ride safely. In fact, helmets are just the entry level equipment that we need to protect our lives, but if you want to ri Read More
  • The reason of falling when riding a motorcycle


    Without a parking stand, a motorcycle cannot stand up on its own, so it is very easy to fall down due to a small problem, and it is also easy to fall down during travel for a number of reasons. However, mechanical problems caused by negligent maintenance, such as the engine stalling easily at low sp Read More
  • Introduction to the motorbike rectifiers


    There is a very important electrical device on a motorbike that supplies a stable charging voltage to the motorbike battery, and this is the voltage regulator. Rectification is to change the AC voltage into DC voltage, and voltage stabilisation is to stabilise the variable voltage output from the ge Read More
  • The essential accessories for motorcycle


    We all know how we feel when we buy a Harley, Honda or any other style or brand of motorcycle, and how we love it and want to tame it immediately. After all, it is such a joy to blast the throttle and enjoy the passion of speed on the road.However, I would like to remind all motorcyclists that for a Read More
  • motorcycle headlights for riding is important


    The older your motorbike is, the weaker the headlights will be. Many of us just accept the fact that when it's dark we have to crawl and struggle to see a fraction of the distance we normally scan ahead, but it doesn't need to be that way. Modern replacement bulbs can make a huge difference for a re Read More
  • Essential tools for motorcycle repair


    Although we don't realise it, when we buy our first motorbike, that motorbike can leave us with greasy hands. From time to time, after we buy a motorbike, we repair or modify it ourselves, which requires a set of motorcycle-specific tools for use, so what tools do you need to repair and modify a mot Read More
  • Tips of avoiding swaying when riding a motorcycle


    We all know that a motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, but although it only has two wheels, it is still very stable under normal circumstances, and only when parked does the motorcycle appear to be wobbly and unstable. However, some motorcycles have malfunctioned when the handlebars wobble and the Read More
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