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Essential tools for motorcycle repair

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Although we don't realise it, when we buy our first motorbike, that motorbike can leave us with greasy hands. From time to time, after we buy a motorbike, we repair or modify it ourselves, which requires a set of motorcycle-specific tools for use, so what tools do you need to repair and modify a motorbike? Some tools are so essential that they go beyond tools and become almost part of the motorbike itself, such as a tyre pressure gauge. Here you will find out what tools are used to repair and modify motorbikes.


Torque spanners


If you don't want to leave bolts loose on the road, you're better off using a torque spanner. A torque spanner is the only way to ensure that your motorbike's full range of screws is set to factory specifications.


A torque spanner can be applied to the screws you want to tighten according to the torque you set. Although many people understand the importance of maintaining specific torque measurements on some sensitive parts such as cylinder heads etc. If not explicitly listed in the manufacturer's manual, all parts should have a recommended torque value which can then be made to hold by a torque spanner.


Strip breakers


The vast majority of motorbikes are chain-driven. So, most riders and mechanics need it. The vast majority of today's large displacement motorbikes use chains and the quality of the chain riveting will directly affect the condition of the vehicle. A good quality chain breaker will make it possible to replace the chain in a matter of minutes, rather than over an hour. Although you may only use it once a year, when you have used it once you will be very happy with the investment you have made.


Motorbike lifting brackets


If you are lucky enough to have a motorbike with a centre stand, you can use it for almost all maintenance, without the front wheel ever needing to be removed. In this case, using a jack on the motorbike's centre stand will allow it to lean backwards. For some special motorbikes, you can consult your local motorbike merchant or online forum if you don't know how to use it. Through these channels, I am sure you will be guided correctly.


Wire lube

We will use this little tool to perform some very simple but very important tasks.

When you turn off all the circuits of your motorbike and leave them in the garage for a long time, the oxidation of the various metal joints over time can lead to the possibility of short circuits in the wiring, or the unresponsiveness of the various pull wires, if we use some lube. For example spray some WD-40 or special wire lube onto the top of your motorbike throttle cable or clutch cable, this will keep them running smoothly and prevent wear and tear.

Oil catch pan

One of the most basic maintenance tasks for riders is to change the motorbike oil.

In the early days, some mechanics didn't have a good oil catcher, so they would often end up with used oil all over the bike. So, find a good oil catch pan, encase it yourself and take it to your local or neighbouring oil recycling station (usually an auto parts or maintenance shop). Of course, many motorbike repair shops nowadays can also recycle used oil, but it is advisable to take it to a proper recycling station to prevent them from maliciously reintroducing used oil into the market.

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