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Online seller service
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Provide the following services for e-commerce sellers:


Customize the box with customer logo for the seller

Express service

Many express companies ready for customers to choose from and save logistics costs.

Product selection

New products will be launched regularly and new product brochures will be sent to customers by mail.


The standard can be reduced according to the situation.

Installation problems

The customer service responds online 24 hours a day and provides some professional installation videos.

E-commerce products

1. When recommending products to you, TMRC will have a team to provide you with deep trend insights and provide suggestions for you to choose suitable products.

2. We will recommend the most suitable product for you according to your region, motorcycle model and year

3. TMR company has its own R&D team. Whenever there is a new product, we will send the product catalog to our customers and potential customers. If you consider TMRC as a potential partner, please feel free to contact us and tell us your needs!!

contact (2)
We will provide you with after-sales service support within 24 hours. If you have any questions, you can consult our email or telephone.


Tel: +86 18679172954
Wechat: +86 18679172954
Skype: sale4@ tmrc .net


Tel: +86-15024357559
Wechat: +86-15024357559
Skype: racefairing
Whatsapp: +86-15024357559


Tel: +86-13666755162
Wechat: +86-13666755162



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