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Motorcycle racing, repair and Refit

Motorcycle tire warmer :Tyre warmers pre-heat your bike’s tyres so you can ride hard from the start – it is that simple. In racing you don’t have the time – or enough warm-up laps – to warm up the tyres as you might at a trackday. Instead, you have to be quick into the first corner, and tyre warmers ensure your rubber is at racing temperature when you arrive. There are many obvious and not so obvious advantages to this:


You can ride into turn one with confidence on pre-heated race rubber (once scrubbed).


A cold race tyre will feel dreadful, because the pressures won’t be correct (tyre pressure increases as heat is developed). Salvo Pennisi Head of Motorcycle Testing at Pirelli told us, “Pressures can change between four and six psi depending on the ambient temperature.”

A pre-heated tyre will last longer and won’t experience cold tear.

Grip should remain consistent because the temperature remains consistent.

A correctly heated race tyre will give more grip, feel and confidence allowing you to lap safer and more consistently, which should equate to a faster lap time.


Application areas: track racing

Motorcycle stand

For starters, using a paddock stand means that one or both wheels are free. Put the motorcycle into neutral and you can freely rotate the rear wheel. This is helpful if you are looking to clean your motorcycle’s chain and lubricate it.
Even if you are working on a part of the motorcycle that doesn’t require you to rotate the wheel, the paddock stand ensures that the motorcycle is upright and not leaning to one side. This is quite helpful when draining the oil from a motorcycle engine. If you drain oil when a motorcycle is on a side-stand, the oil won’t fully drain out. It is difficult to engage the centre stand in this case as you need to place a pan to collect the oil in its vicinity. And most high-end motorcycles do not come with a centre-stand.

More so, if you are opening up a motorcycle’s engine, a paddock stand will ensure that your motorcycle does not move an inch from its spot. It can be a real hazard for the motorcycle if this happens. And even if nothing goes wrong mechanically, there is a chance you might end up misplacing some small component.


Application areas: Paddock, garage, display stand

Motorcycle Racing Fairing

Fairing is very common on sports and racing bikes due to the improved performance it offers. By being more aerodynamic, the bike is able to accelerate faster. In racing, this makes all the difference as riders can reach higher speeds quicker. This creates obvious advantages in any racing conditions, particularly in harsher weather conditions.

Being more shielded from the wind also means the bike is more stable. In racing conditions, this is a big bonus and reduces the risk of accidents caused by instability.


Application areas: Paddock, garage, display stand

Rigging Fittings

Materials used for fittings of lifting belt are generally tenacious and strong. Most of these materials are made of steel and the testing process is very strict. The product inspecting is entirely through magnetic particle testing and then 2000 fatigue tests.

Almost all the products will be tested at 2.5 times the working force, and each batch of products will be sampled for breaking tensile tests. As a result, we have confident about our products. There are many kinds of components of crane belt, which are suitable for different working conditions and collocation with different sling.


Products are widely used in the field: factories, wharves and horizontal hoisting, etc.
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