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  • The importance of motorcycle headlights for riding


    The older your motorbike is, the weaker the headlights will be. Many of us just accept the fact that when it's dark we have to crawl and struggle to see a fraction of the distance we normally scan ahead, but it doesn't need to be that way. Modern replacement bulbs can make a huge difference for a re Read More

  • Do you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways of cooling your motorbike?


    When it comes to the cooling function of motorbikes, there are only three types of motorbike: air-cooled and water-cooled. The main purpose is to better dissipate the temperature of the vehicle so that it can run normally, but many models now have different cooling functions.1, oil-cooled cooling: i Read More

  • Industrial applications of scissor lifts


    Currently the world's self-propelled lifts are mainly of the boom type construction, and most of the domestic self-propelled lifts also use this equipment construction. Boom type can be divided into telescopic type, folding type (also called curved arm type), telescopic folding hybrid type, etc., of Read More

  • How to choose motorbike ramps in 4 ways


    Have an idea of the size of your motorbikeMotocross bikes, ADVs or smaller road bikes may only need single track ramps for you to take them up. Never ride up a single wheel ramp as you could fall and get injured. Larger bikes such as cruisers, sport bikes or touring bikes may need a full width ramp Read More

  • Benefits of installing a motorbike fairing


    A motorbike fairing is a broad term used to describe the protective panel that surrounds the frame of a bike. This type of guard is usually made of hard plastic, fibreglass or aluminium. It is commonly used on racing and sport bikes as the fairing can help improve the aerodynamics of the bike by red Read More

  • 8 essential accessories for the rider


    Not sure how to shop for the right gift for your motorcyclist friend. Take a look at this article below, but it is far from an exhaustive list.Haynes Repair ManualsMotorcyclists use Haynes manuals all the time when repairing bikes and cars - they have saved me thousands of pounds and I strongly enco Read More

  • Why balance motorcycle carburetors


    Instead of using a bypass "air path", a small bypass "oil path" is designed on the outside of the carburettor to adjust the mixture ratio by using the oil feed from the bypass. The mix ratio screw is designed into the bypass and the amount of fuel fed into the bypass is controlled by turning the mix Read More

  • How to install a motorbike alarm/immobiliser


    Valuable immobilisers usually make noise? Whatever your opinion of motorbike (or car) alarms, there is little debate that they can provide a valuable extra layer of security.There are indeed many GPS products available nowadays, and consumers may only understand that they can be used to locate and b Read More

  • How to choose the right motorbike lap timer


    Thanks to advances in technological development, the cost of lap timers has fallen in recent years, while the functions and features they offer have increased exponentially. Ten years ago you had to use an infrared beam on the pit wall and your lap timer had to break the timing beam. This was more a Read More

  • How do you balance a motorbike carburettor?


    Before the oil in a motorbike enters the cylinder for combustion, it must first undergo an atomisation process to mix the oil and air into oil and gas for combustion. This atomised concentration of oil and air is known as the mixing ratio.What are the effects of different mixing ratios on the car? I Read More

  • How to charge a motorbike battery


    If a motorbike is not ridden for an extended period of time, the battery may suffer the most. This article answers the most common battery questions, plus advice on how to charge your battery.How long can I leave my motorbike without the battery going flat?A conventional battery (we'll ignore lithiu Read More

  • How to remove and replace motorbike wheel bearings


    Properly maintaining your motorbike not only keeps it safe, it also means it handles and performs at its best. Doing some - or even all - of the work yourself can save you money and give you more satisfaction with your bike.How do I look after my wheel bearings?If the seals around your bike's axle a Read More

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