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Tips of avoiding swaying when riding a motorcycle

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We all know that a motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, but although it only has two wheels, it is still very stable under normal circumstances, and only when parked does the motorcycle appear to be wobbly and unstable. However, some motorcycles have malfunctioned when the handlebars wobble and the body is unstable even under normal driving conditions. So what is the main reason for this failure of the motorcycle?


The first cause is loose bolts, including front and rear axle nuts, flat fork axle nuts, directional axle nuts, shock absorber bolts and other bolts directly related to the stability of the motorcycle. The role of each of these bolts and nuts is quite large, and if there is a problem with any one of them, the impact on the motorcycle is great.

The second reason is the excessive clearance of the motorcycle, such as excessive clearance of the directional shaft, excessive clearance of the front and rear wheel bearings, and excessive clearance of the rear flat, all of which can cause this failure. The main reason for the excessive clearance between them, besides improper adjustment, is the excessive wear and tear of the corresponding parts of the motorcycle, which can also affect the stability of the motorcycle.

The third reason is the deformation of the motorcycle parts, or the improper operation of the driver or other reasons that lead to the deformation of the front and rear wheels, the front shock absorber, and the motorcycle frame.

The last reason is the tire pressure of the motorcycle tires. The air pressure of the front and rear tires must be appropriate, otherwise the tire pressure is too high or too low, which will cause the body to shake.


Therefore, motorcycle front handlebar instability and body shake are basically caused by the above-mentioned causes. In these several reasons, the different softness and hardness of the front shock absorber will also cause the motorcycle body shake.

If the problem is not here, the first thing to check is whether the motorcycle's wheels are deformed, whether the air pressure in the tires is sufficient, and whether the gap between the major parts is too large. If the above has been checked, but the front handlebar is still shaking, it means that the frame is deformed, and this deformation is still very serious.

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