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Industrial applications of scissor lifts

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Currently the world's self-propelled lifts are mainly of the boom type construction, and most of the domestic self-propelled lifts also use this equipment construction. Boom type can be divided into telescopic type, folding type (also called curved arm type), telescopic folding hybrid type, etc., of which the telescopic folding hybrid type has the highest technical content and more powerful functions. Leased boom-type aerial work trucks (non-automotive chassis) are mainly used for heavy industrial installation and maintenance, engineering construction work, power installation and maintenance work, etc.; while self-propelled lifts (automobile chassis) are mainly used for urban highway street light management, fire fighting construction, traffic equipment installation and maintenance, etc.


Walking lift platform car with super heavy load handling, self-propelled, mobile and flexible, high stability as well as high passability and other characteristics, the above various is how to ensure that the Ming present? 

Here we analyze, hydraulic lift the whole lifting action are in the platform no longer move, put down the four safety support leg condition completed, at the same time through the steering lift hydraulic system to complete the diagonal, horizontal, eight turn, swing head swing tail, the centre of the rotary and so on many kinds of steering mode, also meet the different road conditions and different load working conditions under the support work state. When the platform truck with rubber inflatable tyres is turned, the load on each steering group is different due to the different air contact conditions of the tyres, and the hydraulic cylinders that constitute the control of the steering pressure are also different. In the hydraulic lift steering process, require all the wheels must have harmony, otherwise it will cause tire wear and steering driving process of instability.

The design criterion of the aerial work vehicle is that in addition to meeting the strength of the equipment structure of each component, it is necessary to ensure the synchronization of the action of each hydraulic cylinder, so that in addition to providing the function of hydraulic platform lifting and levelling, more importantly, the expansion and contraction compensation function of the plunger cylinder ensures the uniform weight bearing of the wheel group during the running process to prevent runaway, in order to meet the uneven ground conditions and maintain the safety and stability of the operation.


High working platform machines and equipment are mainly used in bus stations, underground stations, shops, factories, power supply systems, highway street lighting equipment maintenance and other related sectors, but its market is far from being explored and cultivated. The reason for this is that the domestic product range is single and the products need to be upgraded in terms of use and function. 

For example, the work at height machinery used in engineering construction to replace some steel pipe scaffolding construction, housing construction exterior wall surface decoration, cleaning and maintenance, etc.; insulation erection and maintenance; fire rescue and medium and large objects (ships, aircraft) maintenance and inspection, etc., but the development of the above product needs from compliance, technically there is a great breakthrough.

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