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How to use the motorcycle lap timer

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Certain motorcyclists want to know their lap times when they are racing. How should I do this? Because after 10 laps the rider doesn't remember why he was so fast on the fifth lap. A Laptimer is therefore needed because it shows his laptime at the end of each lap and he can directly assess what the "other" lines have brought. In "run lap time" mode you can focus on certain points of the track to assess whether he is getting faster.


Of all the speedometers, AIM's MyChron Light is the most popular one. It was available in MCL version 10 years ago and its "big" brother TG came to dealers 4 years ago. Both record lap times very accurately with infrared light and in 2009 the TG with GPS will be available. this GPS does not measure to a tolerance of +/-1/4 of a second like its competitors, but only to a few hundredths of a second.



Since 1995, Memotec GmbH is the exclusive importer of the world's leading AIM products (rangefinders, data logging and racing instruments) for the German-speaking market, where motorbike track day participants and any other track drivers are typical customers. memotec Messtechnik is also the market leader in its distribution area and is known for its recognition and perfect service.


Good service requires a better understanding of the product and its technical background, context and weaknesses. It is not enough for the dealer to know the key data of the product (displacement, power, weight and price) and then during a test drive he does not know which button to press to start the engine or, even worse, which button to press to switch it off again. And like any other product, the Laptimer has physical limitations which determine whether lap times are accurately displayed.

How the lap timer works?

The Laptimer requires a fixed point on the track where he can trigger accurately and reliably lap by lap. There are currently four popular methods.


Manual timing

The rider presses a button when passing a certain point on the track, for example at the finish line. This method is not very accurate and is often forgotten in the heat of competition.


Timing using infrared beacons

This is the most common method as it is cheap, accurate, reliable and widely available. There is a unique infrared transmitter at the edge of the course which sends a coded infrared light signal." Coded" means that the light-on and light-off phases, pulse times and intervals are precisely defined and adhered to. Each manufacturer has its own frequency in order not to be interfered with or to interfere with the emitters of other manufacturers.


Recording of lap times via magnetic strips

In this process one or more permanent magnetic strips pass through the track as triggers over which the magnetic field sensor passes. In Europe, almost all karting tracks are equipped with magnetic rings, but almost all car and motorbike tracks are not.


Timing with magnetic stripes is very accurate, reliable, easy and cheap, but it is not very practical for motorbikes because of the large ground clearance and the associated mounting defects.

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