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What are the essential motorcycle accessories

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We all know how we feel when we buy a Harley, Honda or any other style or brand of motorcycle, and how we love it and want to tame it immediately. After all, it is such a joy to blast the throttle and enjoy the passion of speed on the road.

However, I would like to remind all motorcyclists that for a better riding experience, the following essential motorcycle accessories are also indispensable for you.

motorcycle accessory

1、Motorcycle shell

Whether you are a veteran or a novice motorcyclist, it is inevitable that you will fall over due to skidding or excessive speed, resulting in a broken shell and other parts. Therefore, I recommend that motorcyclists buy a shell for their motorcycle when they get it. On the one hand, the cost of replacing the special modified shell is lower than the original shell, and on the other hand, its fall-proof ability is stronger, which is a good choice to reduce motorcycle damage.

2、Fall-proof covers, Fall-proof bars and Fall-proof balls


In addition to replacing the motorcycle shell to protect the motorcycle, to be truly fall-proof and enjoy a comfortable riding experience, motorcyclists need to install fall-proof covers, fall-proof bars and fall-proof balls on the motorcycle.

The fall protection cover is a protective cover installed on the motorcycle engine, which can reduce the direct friction between the engine and the ground when the motorcycle is in reverse or even when the bending angle is too large, thus protecting the heart of the motorcycle from damage.

Moreover, the installation of a fall protection cover on the engine can also prevent the engine from burning the human body, making the ride more comfortable and safe; and the increase of the fall protection bar, on the one hand, can provide good protection for the body when it falls to the ground, on the other hand, it can also cooperate with the frame to form a triangular space to prevent you from being crushed by the body when reversing, resulting in secondary injuries.


3、Motorcycle modification multifunctional backrest


We all know the importance of motorcycle backrest, some motorcycle backrest is a freely retractable backrest, not only can be used as a backrest for rear seat passengers to prevent passengers from flying off the motorcycle and being injured, but also can be adjusted to the motorcycle behind the front seat to provide the rider with a sense of leaning, making the ride more comfortable.


motorcycle accessory

4. Motorcycle wind shield


In addition, a wind shield is also a necessary accessory, especially when the wind or rain is too big, the wind shield can block the wind and rain damage to your eyes, so that you have a clear and comfortable road viewing experience, to ensure the safety of riding.

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