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The basic knowledge about motorcycle tire warmers(2)

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How do I remove the tyre warmer?

Before unplugging the tyre warmer, check the pressure in the tyres. Then make sure you are ready to drive on the track.

An important point: unplug the heaters first and then remove them. I usually take them off in the opposite way: first the rear heater, then the front heater. Then lower the front from the paddock support, then the rear. And, don't panic. Try to be systematic and calm. I have seen people panic under pressure and drop their bike off the paddock stand with the heater still on it.

Try to avoid removing the heater from a running bike, sometimes the rear wheel will spin slightly in a turn.

It is very important that you pack the heaters properly. Don't leave them plugged in as they can sometimes catch fire. Don't throw them on the fuel tank at the back of the garage either.

It's really easy to make mistakes removing tyre heaters so we sometimes need to ask for help. Some people also get tyre heaters stuck in the chains on the grid.


Do I need to use tyre warmers on the track?

We've answered some questions above, but to clarify, it depends on the tyres and the track day. You can ride a road-legal bike on the track with road tyres or even touring tyres. Race tyres, some slick tyres and some specialised sports track tyres need warmers. A tyre warmer provides consistency, stops cold tearing, increases tyre life and provides grip at the start.


How long does it take for the tyres to heat up under the heater?

It depends on the quality of the heater and the size of the tyres, but it takes around 50 to 60 minutes. Pirelli's Salvo recommends 50 minutes for even heating.


How powerful is the tyre warmer?

This depends on the quality of the tyre warmer, but most tracks will have a plug-in power supply. If not, a small generator will run a set of tyre warmers - but if you are also running a kettle, hairdryer and tyre warmers, you will need a larger generator.


How do I choose different sizes of tire warmers? Different temperatures?

The basic tyre warmer just heats the tyres to around 80 degrees and then the thermostat will kick in so that the warmer doesn't overheat. It will then restart to keep the tyres at around 80 degrees. The more sophisticated and expensive tyre heaters will have a digital thermostat that allows you to select a temperature between 40 and 120 degrees. The advantage is that you can control the temperature and there is a large visual display showing the exact temperature, whereas on a basic tyre warmer you have to use a separate temperature gauge or touch.


Most tyre warmers are suitable for most sports bikes, usually 120/70 x 17 at the front and 190/55 x 17 at the rear. however, if you are using a large 200-section rear tyre, you will need a specific warmer. Smaller bikes will require smaller tyre warmers. Don't forget that if you are abroad, you will need an EU socket adapter.

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