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The basic knowledge about motorcycle tire warmers(1)

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How do you fit a motorbike tyre warmer?

This may seem obvious, but I have seen it used the wrong way and the bike falling over has caused the tyre warmer to catch fire. You will need a front and rear paddock stand, a support for the bike, the tyre warmer, and some power (generator or plug-in).


Before lifting the bike onto the paddock stand, plan ahead. How far are you from the power source? Can the electric cable reach it. Also, check the gradient: is it level? Will the bike tip to the left or right and does it roll up and down? Remember, paddock stands don't have brakes.


Now you have a plan to lift the bike onto the stand and start from the back. Yes, you can ask for help. It can be tricky the first few times, especially with the front stand.

Make sure the tyres are clean of debris, especially rocks, before using the tyre warmers. Melted rubber is fine, but stones can damage the elements in the tyre heater, causing burn marks and, in extreme cases, a fire.

Feel if your bike is overheating? If you install a tyre warmer after track sessions, everything will get hot, especially the brake discs. So be careful.

Start with the front tyre with the tyre warmer still unplugged. Fix the tyre warmer on the spoke nearest the valve. Do not use the valve as you will have to pull the tyre warmer to tighten it. Looking at the front of the bike, turn the wheel towards the back and feed the tyre warmer around the wheel, making sure it is tight. Once this is done you should be back to where you started on the same spokes and the valve should be clear and easily accessible. It is important to place the valve close to the tyre warmer as this makes it easier to check the pressure.

Repeat the same task at the rear. Again, choose a spoke to close the valve and make sure the tyre is clean before introducing the tyre warmer.

Some tyre warmers have drawstrings on the side to keep the warmers snug, so try to keep these neat and away from the chain and brake calipers.

Final check: make sure there are no bumps and that the tyre warmers should become a second skin around the tyres. Once you are happy with them, open them up and make a note of the time. Best advice: write the time and psi on a piece of tape and stick it on the ends of the warmers where they meet as a reminder.


If you have such a facility, set the tyre warmer to the desired temperature recommended for your tyres.

Check from time to time that the tyre warmer is working. Sometimes the power to the paddock will trip or your generator will run out of fuel.

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