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Motorbike folding ramps buying guide

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Our wide range of motorbike and loading ramps are made from high quality aluminium and are available in a range of strengths and lengths, with loads up to 680kg and are also ideal for heavy motorbikes.


All our folding loading ramps have a slight curve to improve ground clearance and make loading easier. They feature a highly versatile "shelf" connection that does not require modification to the vehicle. For added safety, all our van loading ramps come with extra security and are supplied with attachment straps for each ramp purchased.


No matter what size your motorbike is or how often you use the loading ramp, we have the right motorbike ramp for sale.


Our folding ramps are ideally designed for your wheeled garden machinery, ATVs, quad bikes and riding equipment up to 680 kg. Transport your bike or lawn mower safely with our folding ramps for sale at great prices.


All our folding ramps are made from lightweight aluminium and robotically welded for a robust construction, and both single and double ramps are easy to handle and store.


Things to consider:


1. the height of your load (from the ground to where the ramp will rest)

2. the maximum weight you wish to load

3. Any particular surface? Mesh, welds or perforations?

4. Do you need one ramp, a pair or three ramps?

The height of your load will affect the length of ramp required. We have a range of motorbike ramps for heights up to 835mm. If you are taller than this, you will need a non-folding solution.


Our folding loading ramps are capable of supporting capacities of up to 680 kg. The strongest ramp is the Black Widow motorbike ramp with an inner ramp load capacity of 680 kg and 2 outer ramps with a load capacity of 540 kg.


The single folding ramp is perfect for loading the motorbike into the van or for safely getting up the steps.


For loading items such as lawnmowers, quad bikes and ATVs, the most popular option is to purchase a pair of lightweight aluminium folding ramps. We have a wide range of stock solutions available for immediate delivery in widths between 230mm and 300mm to suit your requirements.



All of our folding ramps include an angled foot to ensure stable contact with the ground during loading. The foot of the ramp is cut to suit the designed load height. Our product range is all lightweight and made of aluminium.

Folding ramps are curved to improve ground clearance. The ramp has a linkage that allows you to simply place it on the back of the van and start loading. The ramp is also available with various surface types and linkages.

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