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How to install a motorbike alarm/immobiliser

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Valuable immobilisers usually make noise? Whatever your opinion of motorbike (or car) alarms, there is little debate that they can provide a valuable extra layer of security.


There are indeed many GPS products available nowadays, and consumers may only understand that they can be used to locate and be able to retrieve a stolen vehicle after it has been stolen with the help of the location function. In fact, there are many details in between that we need to pay attention to, that is, you have to choose an immobiliser for yourself, that is the best. Moreover, the immobiliser is not a universal anti-theft product, it is only the last line of defence for your car, all equipment anti-theft is not as important as human anti-theft.

The power consumption indicator is very important. GPS works 24/7 and consumes more power than ordinary immobilisers, and the maximum capacity of a motorbike battery is 7A. If you do not grasp this indicator, the car will not fire electronically as long as you do not drive it for a day. Therefore, when buying and selling, ask how large the standby current is, more than 15mA should be considered clearly.

When choosing a motorbike or electric vehicle GPS, the alarm function must be chosen correctly, because it will directly affect the safety of the vehicle, and the vibration alarm function is recommended not to, because the false alarm rate is too high, and more false alarms will affect the life of the battery.


Illegal start alarm is a must. Those who steal motorbikes and electric bikes are generally thieves and will definitely try to start the vehicle to escape from the scene in the first place.

The low battery alarm function will directly affect the service life of the vehicle battery. The working voltage of the GPS is 3.6 - 4.5V, while the vehicle battery voltage is 12V.

For the power failure alarm function, it depends on whether the GPS has a battery backup or not. If not, it is recommended not to choose it because the GPS will be useless if the car thief disconnects the vehicle's battery. The power failure alarm can clearly tell you whether the GPS is removed after the car is stolen, GPS positioning can only locate the GPS, if there is no this function, the GPS in case it is removed, after the vehicle is stolen you may find only the GPS; this function can also protect the safety of the vehicle battery, if it is an electric car more to choose the power failure alarm function.

Brake off function is also important, after the car theft, the car thieves will be the first to flee the scene, if your speed is a little slower you may watch the vehicle being driven away by the thieves. So, it's best to have a mobile phone to park kind of thing, because the phone is what you carry with you.

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