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8 essential accessories for the rider

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Not sure how to shop for the right gift for your motorcyclist friend. Take a look at this article below, but it is far from an exhaustive list.

Haynes Repair Manuals

Motorcyclists use Haynes manuals all the time when repairing bikes and cars - they have saved me thousands of pounds and I strongly encourage every rider to buy one.


Unfortunately they don't work for every motorbike, but the Haynes website makes it easy to search for your machine (you may need to select the launch date of the model rather than the date of your bike's registration).


You can buy the printed manual (always my choice) or sign up for a year's online access for the same price.



Ultimate Addons Mobile Phone Mount

For those riders who don't need a full-spec motorbike sat-nav system, using your phone on the bike can help you get home after a great day of exploring the roads.

A proper chain and lock


If you are buying a chain and lock for someone, bear in mind where they will be using it.

You need a strong chain and lock. It is one of the most versatile kits we have seen. However, check how long the cyclist in your life needs the lock - the shortest 1.5m may not be enough to get around what they want to lock.

Smart alarm and tracker

A great gift for any motorcyclist who wants an instant alert on their phone if someone moves it, while still being able to track it in the worst case scenario.


Automatic winders

There was a time when fitting a Scottoiler to a bike was a tedious, time-consuming process - dealing with the vacuum lines was a real pain.

Once set up correctly, it makes the chain cleaner and last longer without the hassle of lubrication. But you might want to be subtle and find out if your rider needs it. It works brilliantly on almost every machine.

Heated jackets

If you have a cyclist in your life who rides in the autumn or winter, they will absolutely love you if you get them a heated jacket.

When buying, just make sure the kit includes a heat controller - it's sometimes an optional accessory, but you can't really use them without it.

If you want to spend around £150 you can buy a heated vest from one of these companies, but for ultimate comfort, get some with sleeves too.


Sat Navs

Whether on a bike or in a car. It gives clear directions, offers great winding roads and lifetime map updates (and speed camera alerts).

Bluetooth intercom

The helmet communication system allows the rider to listen to music and get directions and speed camera alerts from the sat nav. If the rider's partner also has one, they can pair up and talk to each other during the ride. If the passenger also has one, they can chat to the rider without the need for a complex series of hand gestures.

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