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Benefits of installing a motorbike fairing

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A motorbike fairing is a broad term used to describe the protective panel that surrounds the frame of a bike. This type of guard is usually made of hard plastic, fibreglass or aluminium. It is commonly used on racing and sport bikes as the fairing can help improve the aerodynamics of the bike by reducing air resistance. This improves fuel consumption and allows higher speeds to be achieved at lower engine speeds. The fairing also provides the rider with added protection for motorbike components in the event of a crash or accident. It can also create additional features for the bike, such as a windscreen.


Fairings come in a variety of shapes and designs, sometimes attached to specific parts of the bike, such as the front fairing, or it can surround the whole bike more fully.


Bikes are sometimes delivered with fairings, but if your bike doesn't have any, you can also purchase a fairing to add to your existing bike. Fairings can also be customised in terms of fittings and design.


motorcycle fairing

In this article we outline the benefits offered by the different types of fairing.

Improving performance


Fairings are very common on sport and race bikes because they offer better performance. The bike is able to accelerate faster because it is more aerodynamic. In racing, this makes all the difference as riders can reach higher speeds faster. This creates a clear advantage in any race conditions, especially in more adverse weather conditions.


More shelter from the wind also means the bike is more stable. This is a great benefit in race conditions and reduces the risk of accidents caused by instability.




By deflecting the wind, the fairing creates a more pleasant and comfortable riding environment. The noise from the helmet is reduced and the overall effect of the wind on you and the bike at high speeds is greatly reduced. This is useful in a variety of situations, from adventure riding in windy conditions, to high speed racing. In cold conditions, deflecting cold air can make all the difference and prevent you from feeling bitterly cold throughout your journey.


Fairings can also add comfort by encouraging better posture. A customised fairing can provide the perfect position for your legs.




If you prefer to customise your bike, then fairings offer a large blank canvas ready for design. There are many services that offer custom graphics and illustrations for motorbike fairings. This can add personality and character to your bike.


If you are going to customise your fairing then you can also request specific features within the panelling to create the ultimate bike to meet your specific requirements.




Fairings help to protect the engine and internal structure of your motorbike. Particularly in the event of an accident, fairings can help provide protection for the rider and the core components of the bike.


Engine life


Improved aerodynamics mean that the engine doesn't have to work as hard. This leads to a longer life and better overall performance. As the engine is directly responsible for performance, maintaining it is worthwhile, especially for those looking to avoid the costs associated with engine wear and tear on a budget.


motorcycle fairing



Adding GPS, mobile phones and other accessories to the cockpit area has become a popular choice for many riders. From tracking performance to navigating unknown routes, these features have quickly become must-haves.


Without adequate fairings on the front of the bike, these features can be difficult to work with. Fairings help to protect these devices, which also allows riders to use them with ease.




A fairing can certainly add a wow factor to a bike. It can create a beautiful aesthetic and also has the potential to increase the value of the bike.


Fairings can also be reworked to instantly make an old, tired motorbike look factory new.

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