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Do you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways of cooling your motorbike?

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When it comes to the cooling function of motorbikes, there are only three types of motorbike: air-cooled and water-cooled. The main purpose is to better dissipate the temperature of the vehicle so that it can run normally, but many models now have different cooling functions.


1, oil-cooled cooling: is the use of the car's own oil can be through the oil radiator to heat dissipation. The oil cooled radiator can be used to dissipate heat.


Advantages: heat dissipation effect is very good, and few failures, oil temperature reduction can also reduce the oil because of high temperature viscosity reduction.


Disadvantages: for the engine oil volume is a certain requirement, and the radiator can not be too large, too large, then the oil will flood into the oil radiator, and lead to insufficient lubrication of the engine bottom.

2, air-cooled cooling: that is, through the car in the process of driving to bring the wind to the cooling.


Advantages: it needs to occupy less space, and the cost is also smaller than the price.


Disadvantage: it takes a long time to dissipate the heat, so it is also slow.

3, water-cooled cooling: water-cooled cooling can be said to be a better way to dissipate heat, because the principle of water-cooled cooling is through the flow of water wrapped around the cylinder liner and cylinder head to cool down.


Advantages: the high power and high speed of the engine to carry out a very effective temperature control, water-cooled engines in the low temperature throttle valve will close until the oil temperature can reach the best results.


Disadvantages: the cost is relatively high, and the structure is very complex, but the chance of failure is also very high. There is also the fact that the water tank installed outside takes up a lot of space.


Nowadays, many people recommend using water cooling, but this is not always true, as it is not always good to install water cooling. Although it is said that water cooling is a very good way to dissipate heat, it should not be considered as such. Although water-cooling is an effective way to dissipate heat from the engine, there are obvious disadvantages, such as the high cost of a water tank and the high number of breakdowns.


If you have a small displacement motorbike, you don't need to install water or oil cooling, as they will cause many breakdowns! What do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of various cooling methods for motorbikes?

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