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What are your misconceptions about motorbike oils?

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Motorbike motor oil is short for motorbike engine lubricant. Motorbike lubricants usually include motorbike engine lubricants (motorbike oil for short), motorbike gear oils, motorbike shock absorber oils, etc.

Splash lubrication has the advantage of simple construction and facilitates the lightweighting of engines. However, the lubrication effect is often poor, especially for the bearings, and it is difficult to lubricate them adequately from the outside.


The engine is the fuel combustion heat energy into mechanical energy work process, by the following example four strokes: intake stroke - the fuel and air mixture and cylinder (diesel engine inhalation is pure air) compression stroke - the piston compresses the cylinder mixture, in order to improve the internal pressure and temperature of the cylinder work stroke - the piston reaches the top point, the spark plug ignition so that the gas mixture combustion, to produce high air pressure, to push the piston to work. 

Push the piston to work Exhaust stroke - from the cylinder after the combustion of exhaust gas. To complete the four strokes, the piston needs to reciprocate twice and the crankshaft turns twice, called a working cycle.

Motorbike oil has 6 main functions.

1: Lubrication and wear reduction

There is rapid relative sliding between the piston and the cylinder, and between the main shaft and the shank. To prevent parts from wearing out too quickly, an oil film needs to be established between the two sliding surfaces. There is a sufficient thickness of oil film will be relative sliding parts surface separated, so as to reduce the purpose of wear.

2: Cooling

The oil can bring heat back into the oil tank and then distribute it to the air to help cool the engine.

3: Cleaning

A good oil can bring back the carbide, sludge and wear metal particles on the engine parts to the oil tank through circulation, and through the flow of lubricating oil, flush out the dirt generated on the working surface of the parts.


4: Seals against leaks

The oil can form a seal between the piston ring and the piston, reducing gas leakage and preventing outside contaminants from entering.

5: Anti-rust and anti-corrosion

The oil can be adsorbed on the surface of the parts to prevent water, air, acids and harmful gases from coming into contact with the parts.

6: Vibration damping and cushioning

When the engine cylinder port pressure rises sharply, suddenly intensifying the load on the piston, piston chip, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing, this load is lubricated by the transmission of the bearing, so that the shock load borne is buffered.

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