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The importance of riding protective gear for motorcyclists

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Hi everyone, today I'm here to talk to you about the importance of protective gear for safe riding. Why do you want to talk about this? Many riders, especially new riders, have a certain concept of protective gear, especially helmets, which is a good thing, but many people don't think it's necessary for riding clothes. So let's talk about this today. How important is cycling protection?



Let's start with the more radical one - the one-piece leathers. One-piece leathers originated from racing, motorbike track racing, and have been constantly updated and evolved to protect riders from accidents, and have now evolved to the technological addition of built-in protective gear + airbags. The best equipment is used in the best races, which means that the one-piece suit represents the highest specification in riding protection. It is also the favourite of many faux-racing owners.

A close cousin of the one-piece suit, the split suit. It was designed to make up for the fatal flaw of the one-piece leathers, which is ease of use. We can't ride continuously like motogp riders, we have to go to the toilet, we have to take off our clothes when we stop and get hot. This is why split leathers have emerged. Although they are slightly less safe than one-piece leathers, they are more suitable for our everyday riding and have the same level of safety as one-piece leathers, and many split leathers have a zip at the back waist to ensure safety in one piece.

Tension jerseys. Tension cycling clothing is more comfortable, a combination of warmth, breathability, safety and other performance, suitable for long-distance travel, able to cope with changes in gasification, many rally suits have a waterproof function, of course, in the safety and slightly inferior to the former, but compared to the different functions, wearing rally suits riding imitation race is not appropriate.

Off-road armour. General off-road armour is lighter and more rigid, mainly to prevent injuries such as fractures, falls and punctures, isn't it a bit like bulletproof vests. And the aforementioned built-in protective gear are soft rubber products to increase cushioning and prevent high speed scrapes.


So we must wear cycling clothes when we ride, don't be afraid to go to the trouble, and don't save money on equipment. A penny for every penny, there's never anything wrong with equipment being more expensive than a car. Of course, this is not telling you that you should overspend, buying the best equipment within your means is the right value.


Last but not least, I would like to warn you that even the best equipment cannot fully protect your life in front of an accident, it can only add an extra barrier, so improving your safety awareness and car control skills is the key!

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