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8 tips for safe cycling

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1. Equipment is more than just a helmet

I don't know if it's because they're trying to cope or for other reasons, but many cyclists think that wearing a helmet is all they need to ride safely. In fact, helmets are just the entry level equipment that we need to protect our lives, but if you want to ride safely and securely, riding clothes, riding boots and riding gloves are all necessary! So, don't take any chances when riding, it's better to have all your gear, otherwise everything else is a waste!


2. Stay away from trucks when you see them

In fact, not only motorbikes, as long as the traffic participants, are "far away" from large trucks! Here we are not saying that big trucks are not good, but because of the special nature of the vehicle, the driver will inevitably have a visual blind spot, braking distance is also relatively long, sometimes is really difficult to fight! Therefore, if we encounter a big truck on the way to ride, we should overtake it at the right time, if the time is not ripe, it is better to keep a certain safety distance from them!

3. temporary parking to pay attention to

This must be noted, many motorists in the middle of the break, parking can only be described as chaotic and disorderly! Whether it's in a bend, or a tunnel, or a very narrow road, parking is often a pile-up, or even parked in the middle of the road, it's simply out of order! It's a huge turn-off for drivers passing by, and if they're careless, there's a chance of a crash! So, when you stop in the middle of the road, you must choose to park in an open area, and lined up against the road!

4. Blind cornering should be eliminated

I'm sure we all know this, but some motorists are so eager to overtake that they think there will be no cars in the opposite lane and thus have an accident!

5. Don't chase after falling in line

For some newbies, the biggest worry is to fall out of the group, so in order to catch up with the teammate in front of them, they often choose to rush ahead with a big throttle, which is actually very dangerous! A mature team usually has a lead and tail car, the lead car is responsible for leading the way, the tail car is responsible for closing up and taking care of the teammates who have fallen off, all the way to the walkie-talkie contact! If you're in a team that doesn't care about the front, then you can choose to give up following because it's not worth following!

6. Listening to music on the bike is not advisable 

Some motorcyclists like to listen to songs with headphones on and even hum along with them when they ride! However, motorcycling is a sport that requires your full attention and you should not be distracted.


7. Don't go out at night as a rule

The purpose of a motorcycle trip is to see the scenery, not to rush! Is the scenery at night really that good? Some motorcyclists blindly believe in lenses and spotlights, and think that riding at night is not a problem. You should know that when you ride at night, the visibility is greatly reduced, your car can handle it, but can other people's cars? There are accidents called "passive accidents", especially at night, when visibility is reduced and concentration is reduced! So it's better to find a place to rest early and have more energy the next day than anything else!

8. Think of your family

We live not only for ourselves, but also for our families. If you can't control your right hand while riding, think of your wife and kids waiting for you at home, that will help you calm down instantly. When you arrive at your destination, remember to give your family a safe report so that they can sleep well. And always remind yourself that the only way to get home is to be safe!

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