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The reason of falling when riding a motorcycle

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Without a parking stand, a motorcycle cannot stand up on its own, so it is very easy to fall down due to a small problem, and it is also easy to fall down during travel for a number of reasons.


However, mechanical problems caused by negligent maintenance, such as the engine stalling easily at low speeds, poorly adjusted clutch lever, and insufficient thickness of the lining plate, can all lead to accidents.



1. reversing in place (parking and falling at low speed)

In addition to the case where the motorcycle falls over when stopped, the reverse in place referred to here also includes cases where the motorcycle is being moved and driven at a very low speed (U-turn).


In addition to the reasons listed below, rainy wet roads or parking on sandy roads can also cause falls due to slippery feet, so the shoes you wear while riding need special attention to ensure that the anti-slip structure of the soles is smooth.


Reason 1: Poor landing of the feet while sitting on the motorcycle, resulting in the inability to support the leaning body.


Cause 2: The motorcycle tilts when the body is moved, making it impossible to support the weight of the motorcycle.


Reason 3: Engine stalling or loss of balance at very low speeds and inability to support the body.


2. Crash during travel

Most of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes during travel are due to tire slip (loss of grip) for some reason.


Cause 1: Emergency braking causes the tires to lock up and cause a skid and fall.


Reason 2: The road is full of water or sand to reduce the friction of the road, so that the tires lose grip and cause a skid and fall.


Cause 3: In order to avoid the danger, suddenly grasp the bottom of the handle to cause skidding and fall.


Reason 4: Collision with other vehicles, or to avoid wipeout caused by the fall (accident).


When considering why a crash occurs, it is natural to think about how to prevent it from happening, and the following is a list of how to avoid crashes caused by reversing in place and sudden conditions during travel.



In addition, here again, because negligent maintenance caused by the fall problem is not in the scope of this discussion, before you start riding, please be sure to do a good job of checking one by one "gasoline, oil, tires, chain, brakes, clutch, lamps, battery, screws" to confirm whether the operation is normal.

In fact, the best way is not to fall down, so usually you must learn some knowledge to avoid falling and ride carefully. In addition, considering that in case of an accident, it is better to buy insurance in advance.

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