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What is a radiator shroud?

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A radiator shroud is a type of shroud that fits over the front (and sometimes the sides) of a motorbike radiator. The main reason for fitting a radiator shroud to a bike is to protect the radiator from road debris while still allowing the necessary cooling air to pass through.


Regardless of the speed you are travelling at or the performance of your bike, there is a high risk of stones being thrown from your front tyre or passing vehicles, denting or even puncturing your bike's radiator. As a fragile component, the radiator is difficult to repair (if at all possible) and even more expensive to replace, so it is more economical to protect it with an EP radiator protector.



What protection does a motorbike radiator guard offer?

The radiator guard is designed to protect the radiator's delicate fins and internal waterways from rocks, gravel and other road debris that could puncture the radiator's delicate aluminium construction and cause it to leak. If this happens, the engine will overheat and potentially cause irreparable damage. The leaking coolant could also leak onto the tyres, causing a loss of grip.


The radiator is designed and positioned so that it is not confined to open air and, through airflow, cools the engine coolant flowing through the core of the internal radiator.

At this stage the main common motorbike engine cooling method is divided into air-cooled, oil-cooled, water-cooled, combined cooling. This cooling method is relatively simple in terms of engine structure and does not require any additional components, and only requires good engine ventilation to achieve the cooling effect.

The working principle of this cooling method is very simple, the temperature generated by the combustion of the engine will be smoothly carried away under the action of the natural wind, so air-cooled engines can achieve the purpose of heat dissipation as long as the engine is well ventilated.

There is another cooling method in air-cooled engines, which is forced sub-cooling, this cooling method compared to the natural air-cooled more than a cooling fan, it will be in the moment of engine start, the force of the forced cooling engine, this cooling method is mainly used in scooters.

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