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Points to note before starting a motorcycle

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Motorbikes that do not start, especially those that are used regularly, are generally not a big problem and can often be ruled out by checking them yourself. When checking, it is sufficient to do some simple and easy checks as an owner, focusing on both oil and electricity.


One is to check the oil circuit first, paying attention mainly to.

To see if there is any oil left in the tank. To see if the oil switch is in the correct position.

Checking the fuel line around the carburettor to see if there are any leaks and if the fuel line is bent.

When the motor won't start after continuous beating, remove the spark plug to see if it is wet, if it is very dry, it means that no oil is entering the combustion chamber at all.

Secondly, check the circuitry, paying attention mainly to.

Press the horn to hear if the sound is bright and to determine if the battery is losing power.

Press the start button to see if the starter runs strongly and if the engine can be towed smoothly.

unscrew the high voltage cap, bring the high voltage wire within 1cm of the block, press the start button to see the spark intensity, generally a bright blue fire is normal.

Unscrew the spark plug and observe the electrode to see if there is too much carbon build up.

Some people say, how to check the oil and electricity are to look at the spark plug, yes, for small failures, the spark plug is the most prone to problems, because he is the implementation of the ignition system components, working in a high-temperature, high-pressure environment, the quality is not up to scratch, prone to problems. Just now let you see if it is wet is to determine whether there is oil, now look at the carbon accumulation, is to see if it will cause a short circuit.


The voltage between the central electrode of the spark plug and the housing is as high as tens of thousands of volts. Since there is no physical connection between the two poles, the high voltage electricity needs to penetrate the air between them to conduct a high voltage discharge, thus producing an electric spark. 

Since the air is pierced, it will definitely be pierced nearby, that is to say, the distance between the two poles is the closest, from where the fire will jump, obviously, the normal spark plug only the distance between the central electrode and the side electrode is the closest, so it will jump here, thus igniting the mixture normally. 

If there is too much carbon build up between the two poles, the closest distance may no longer be between the centre electrode and the side electrode, so it may cause the bypass to jump, i.e. be short-circuited. If the carbon buildup is so bad that the two poles are directly connected, then it simply won't fire, so it's especially important to check the spark plugs.

If you have never paid attention to this problem before reading this article, then you can pay attention to your motorcycle's spark plugs in the future, do not say that your car has never changed the spark plugs nothing, the next moment may have. Spark plugs are a consumable item, under normal circumstances it is no problem to use a few thousand kilometres, but if the vehicle has a breakdown, flooding and other failures, it is possible to change several spark plugs a day, so it is important to include the name of spark plugs in the spare parts, especially for those who like motorcycling, this is an important spare part.

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