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How do I care for my motorbike chain?

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90% of riders don't know how to maintain a motorbike chain, here's how! The chain is one of the main components on a motorbike, its good or bad directly affects your riding safety, motorbike chain maintenance is also very important, but no one likes the job of chain maintenance, reasonable and correct and timely chain maintenance, it can help you to run farther miles!

When using a motorbike on a daily basis, we must know how to properly maintain it. Many people only know how to change the oil, but the oil must not be used casually, there are levels of oil, and when we choose to use it, we should choose the right oil according to our car, so as to bring the best help to our car. But apart from oil changes, chains are also very important maintenance items.


Regular maintenance of a motorbike's chain will also affect its life expectancy. First of all, the question of how to maintain a normal chain doesn't seem too difficult, it's just a simple matter of adding oil to it. But is it really that simple? The chain has been running for a long time and has been stained with a lot of black and dirty sand and mud, which makes the lubrication of the chain oil worse and worse.

There is a difference between motor oil and chain oil, as motor oil is less permeable than chain oil. Therefore, there are two details that need to be taken into account when maintaining an oil-sealed chain: one is to get the sequence of oil and chain oil right, the other is not difficult.

Whether or not to oil your motorbike chain depends on whether or not the chain is too dry and whether or not there is a strange noise! If your motorbike chain is neither dry nor rattling then of course you don't need to oil it, but the necessary cleaning is still necessary. You must buy professional chain oil, not those miscellaneous brands, otherwise it may damage your chain, and use a soft brush when oiling.


It is recommended to spray the chain once for 200-300km, just one round, not more. For medium to long distance, spray once the night before departure. If it is a long trip, it is recommended to bring chain oil directly. Special reminder to riders, after a rainy day ride, it is best to put on the chain oil once. Because of the scouring effect of rain, the chain tends to dry out.

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