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Motorbike maintenance in autumn

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How should we take care of our motorbikes in the rainy autumn and what should we pay attention to? In this issue, I'll talk to you about this topic!


1. Washing the bike

I have found that many motorcyclists find a lot of mud attached to their motorcycles when they get back from a ride, so they just pick up a water gun and wash it off. In fact, this is not right, the engine after intense driving or long time driving, the engine temperature is very high, at this time, if immediately flush with cold water, the engine will be very big damage! The right thing to do is to wait for the engine temperature to cool down before washing it!

There is another kind of people is completely dependent on rainwater car wash, I have such a person around, usually do not wash the car, whenever it rains, the car pushed outside, let the rain hit the body! I would like to say, not good, we should know that the PH value of rainwater are relatively low.

The last thing is, if you encounter rain during the ride, then, when you get home or find a place to stay, remember to wipe the rain off the bodywork with a dry cloth, this practice is rather tedious, but it's good for the bodywork paintwork and the circuitry of the handlebars!

2. tyres

We all understand the principle of "heat expansion and cold contraction". Some motorists like to lower the tyre pressure in the summer, but forget to top up the pressure after autumn. Checking your tyre pressure on a daily basis is an essential skill for every motorist, as a normal tyre pressure makes your ride safer and more stable!

If you don't have enough tyre pressure, you will experience inflexible steering, even cornering, increased fuel consumption and, in the worst case scenario, the risk of a blowout. If the tyre pressure is low and you encounter a shell hole in the road, it will also have a big impact on the wheels and even crack the wheels! So, go and check your motor's tyre pressure at this point to see if it is normal!


3. Coolant

Coolant is also called antifreeze. Firstly, coolant should never be replaced by water, as the boiling point is different and the risk of water "boiling" will skyrocket! Secondly, if your coolant is replaced with water, you should know that tap water generally belongs to hard water, which has a very high calcium carbonate content, and over time, the inner wall of the water tank and cooling pipes will form a thick scale, forming a blockage to the engine's heat dissipation, affecting the engine's cooling effect! Therefore, the coolant must be regularly checked, replenished or replaced!

In this rainy season, you must check the bodywork circuitry regularly to ensure that it is airtight and insulated, and to prevent problems before they occur. You should also pay attention to the rust prevention treatment of the body screws, if you find any rust, you should deal with it in time, a little brush of oil or a spray of chain oil can solve it!

To be a qualified rider, it's not just about driving skills, it's also about learning how to take care of your bike and what kind of maintenance to do in what season. Well, that's it for this issue, let's go and do a full maintenance on your motorbike!

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