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Ready to pick a motorbike ramp?(1)

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Great! It's the best way to get your bike safely into the bed of a truck, trailer or pickup truck ready for safe transport. However, before you buy any old ramps and call it a day, it's worth considering the many different motorbike ramp styles available to you. After all, one size doesn't fit all motorbikes.


Here we take a look at what options are available when choosing a motorbike ramp, and why each one is worth considering. Put them all together and you'll get a ramp that fits your motorbike - one that makes the loading process easy, quick and safe.


Motorcycle ramp

Long ramps vs. short ramps

The length of the ramp is the first variable to consider. Short ramps have a steeper gradient and are ideal for loading in tight spaces where you may not have much lead time. The problem is that harsher loading angles are not conducive to higher loading heights. Short ramps tend to be best suited to low headroom transport vehicles, such as trailers.


Long ramps are the opposite. They ensure a longer slope at a lower inclination and thus a smoother loading. This low angle also makes long ramps very suitable for higher loading surfaces, such as pick-up truck beds. The downside is that you need enough space to accommodate the ramp and the front guide.


Curved vs. straight

Straight ramps are usually associated with longer ramps because the angle of the ramp is smaller. If the angle is less sharp, there is no concern about the motorbike touching the bottom or the exhaust pipe scraping against the tailgate.


An arched ramp creates a softer angle at the loading point, softening the approach during the loading process. Half of the arch ramp may reduce the loading angle from 30 degrees to 20 degrees, reducing the chance of the bike bottoming out as it moves from one surface to another. The arch ramp better accommodates bikes with large wheelbases and low ground clearance.


Folding vs. non-folding

Folding ramps are for convenience. Some ramps fold in half from length to length; others fold up in two or three folds. The advantage of this is that it is easy to carry. When the ramp is used up, it's easy to fold it in half quickly and stow it in the bed of your pick-up truck! This also facilitates deployment. Consider supporting the tri-fold ramp on your tailgate and then gently unfolding it, rather than trying to position a wide ramp.


This is not to say that non-folding ramps are inconvenient! Non-folding ramps are often more affordable and lighter because they are manufactured with tensile strength in mind. Many smaller ramps also do not need to be folded - they are small enough to be easily manoeuvred and handled.

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