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Ready to pick a motorbike ramp?(2)

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Slab vs. stair

Slab ramps are solid and usually have some kind of textured surface to promote traction and grip. The main benefit of solid slab ramps is that they provide footholds for bicycle tyres and walking. They also tend to be heavier, which adds an element of stability. What are the disadvantages of solid slab ramps? The weight can work against you, as slab ramps tend to be larger. They also tend to attract debris easily.



Runway ramps are more common than slab ramps, which means there are more options. Ramps provide great traction by creating small gaps (usually around 3 inches) for the tyres to grip onto. These gaps are also great for removing debris from your tyres when you load your bike. Runway-style ramps tend to be very light. What's the downside to them? They tend to move around, which is easily solved by using tie downs (which you should do anyway!) . You also need to consider the spacing of the steps depending on the type of bike you have.


Single wheel ramps vs. full width ramps

Single track ramps are specifically for smaller, lighter bikes - motocross or dirt bikes, as well as light street bikes and cruisers. You can't ride up them because there's no room to put your feet down, you can only walk up them. They are very easy to fold and stow and are not as bulky as the full width models.


The full width models are ideal for heavier bikes and for bikes that need to be driven on the road. They offer great stability as they distribute the weight over the width of the loading surface. Full-length ramps are also available with a double or triple fold to help improve portability.


Aluminium and steel

Aluminium is lightweight and durable and will not corrode or rust in harsh conditions. It is often the first choice for frequent use as it will stand up to most cycling and loading situations.


Need a truly durable option? Steel is the next step, offering maximum durability and affordability. Steel is more susceptible to corrosion, which is why most ramps are usually protected with a powder coating.



Consider your bike before choosing a ramp

Just as cruisers are completely different from touring bikes, motorbike ramps are also very different. The one that suits you best is the one that will help you load your bike safely into your transport vehicle. Whether it's a long, straight, rumble-style ramp or a short, arched, slab option, if it does the job correctly then it's a good investment.

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