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How to adjust the valve clearance on a motorbike

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Motorbike valve adjustment, what is the approximate clearance between intake and exhaust valves? Read on to find out! There are so many different types of motorbikes, and the size of the valve clearance varies from make and model. For most motorbikes, of course, the exhaust valve clearance is slightly greater than the intake valve clearance, and there are a few motorbikes that have the same intake and exhaust valve clearance. When adjusting the valve lash, make sure that it is done when the bike is cold and that you use a stopper, and don't toss it yourself.


For most of the common motorbikes in China, the intake and exhaust valve clearance can be adjusted to about 0.05mm, but no smaller, otherwise the valve may not close tightly, causing unstable idling, making it difficult to move straight when cold and possibly even wearing out the valve rocker arm and camshaft. For some motorbikes with a displacement of 125cc or more, valve clearance is generally required to be controlled at around 0.07mm, and some need to be larger. The intake valve of a general top bar 125 is 0.08 to 0.12mm, while the exhaust valve is 0.12 to 0.16mm.

Too much valve clearance will cause the switch not to be in place, affecting the engine work caused by insufficient air intake exhaust incomplete. Valve clearance refers to the clearance between the intake valve and exhaust valve of the engine distribution mechanism and the valve rocker arm driven by the camshaft. Generally, the valve clearance will become larger after use or slight wear and tear, and the engine will start up with a regular sound of the rocker arm hitting the valve.


I. Adjustment of valve foot clearance for overhead camshaft models


Remove the magneto cover and valve chamber cover, turn the rotor of the magneto counterclockwise so that the "T" engraved line on the outer circle is aligned with the engraved line on the housing, at this time the piston should be at the upper stop of the compression stroke, then select the specified thickness of the stopper and insert it into the valve gap and pull it back and forth, if you feel a slight resistance, the gap is suitable, if there is no resistance If there is no resistance, it means that it needs to be adjusted. First use a small spanner to turn the adjusting screw, while pulling the ruler to feel the resistance state, after the gap is suitable, then tighten the adjusting nut.


Adjustment of the side valve clearance


The side valve clearance is the clearance between the tail end of the valve stem and the adjusting screw on the tappet, adjusted as follows.


Remove the valve cover, remove the spark plug, then block the spark plug hole with your finger, step up the starter lever, when your finger feels the impact of airflow, it means the piston is in compression stroke; put the screw screw head deep into the spark plug hole, then slowly step on the starter lever, when the screw screw rises to the highest point, the piston is at the upper stop, then check and adjust the valve clearance, the method is the same as the valve clearance check and adjustment method for overhead camshaft.

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