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Why is group riding so dangerous

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When riding, especially in a group, the more people riding the more dangerous it can be! When doing a team ride, some team riding skills must be understood. Only in this way can you protect the quality of your ride.


1. do your homework beforehand


A good cycling team will announce the cycling route before the ride starts, even if there is no specific road map, there will be a destination. It definitely pays to know the route beforehand. Knowing where you're going and how to get there will keep your mind from panicking.


Another thing you need to know ahead of time is the composition of the group, what kind of bikes do people ride? What kind of skill level do they have? What are the riding habits? And according to the composition of the team and the destination of the ride, choose the right car, equipment, and even decide whether to join the team ride.

2. abide by the rules of the riding team


No matter what team you join, once you start riding, you have to abide by the rules of the team.


Generally speaking, the rules of a riding team include: formation, riding order, whether overtaking is allowed, etc. Two or three friends riding may spread out to ride, more than 4 cars should be required to do the riding square in the same lane (except mountain roads); riding order will be arranged before starting, the worse the technology position closer to the leader (it is the responsibility of the fast car to wait for the slow car to follow, not the responsibility of the slow car to force to chase the fast car); high-speed / highway riding is not allowed to overtake the car in front, running mountain will be allowed to overtake the slow car, but generally have to be in the The straight road accelerates to overtake or brakes late into the corner to overtake, not allowed to overtake in the corner.


3. don't give trouble to your teammates


Do the maintenance you should do ahead of time, exclude possible failures (screws, tires, tire pressure), bring the necessary items, and fill up with gas and go on time for the team ride.

4. As a member of the team, you have to ensure both the safety of the front car and the fun of riding the back car.


The front car can't hurt you, even if the front car falls and brings you down for its own reasons, you didn't grasp the following distance; on the contrary, you may tailgate the front car, you may force the front car too tightly in the bend causing him to fall down nervously, when you decide to overtake on the mountain road, you should consider more carefully before acting.


Pay attention to the riding status of the rear car, if he can't keep up, it's your responsibility to slow down and wait for him, your front car will also slow down and wait for you; if you find that the pace of the rear car on the mountain road is faster than yours, give him the space to overtake; if something happens to the rear car, you have to be the first to stop and help.

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