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What to do if you are rear-ended while riding

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In case of a traffic accident, it is also beneficial to know the traffic rules in advance. In recent years, the number of vehicles has increased and accidents have also increased, especially in towns and cities where there are more motorbikes, and we often hear about traffic accidents that happen because of motorbikes. We can often look at motorbike rear-end motorbike life, so we should know more about traffic accident handling tips, so that we can deal with this aspect of things in a timely manner, the following we will come together to understand how to divide the responsibility of motorbike rear-end motorbike accident, motorbike rear-end motorbike accident how to deal with their own not to lose!


(i) How to deal with motorbike accidents

The first motorbike rear-end motorbike should ask the traffic department to identify responsibility for the occurrence of a three-car rear-end liability determination, which is arrived at by the traffic police department after investigation of the accident scene, and combined with other circumstances for a comprehensive judgment. Multi-vehicle rear-end, one person can not determine responsibility, need to submit to the accident section for scientific analysis, the car towed into the car park is mainly to test the car crash marks is a trace or secondary traces, which has a great relationship with the division of responsibility.

(ii) How to handle a motorbike rear-end collision without losing out

1. In the event of a rear-end accident on the road, the driver of the vehicle should immediately stop and protect the scene.

2. When the facts of the accident are not in dispute between the parties to the accident, after recording the time and place of the traffic accident, the name and contact details of the other party, the motor vehicle licence plate number, driving licence number, insurance certificate number and the part of the collision, and signing together, withdraw from the scene and negotiate the damage compensation on their own. If the parties dispute the facts and causes of the traffic accident, they should promptly report to the police.

3. After the accident, you should continuously turn on the hazard warning flashers and set up warning signs in the direction of oncoming traffic and other measures to extend the warning distance, and call the police quickly if necessary.

4. After a rear-end accident on the road, if no personal injury or death is caused, the parties concerned may negotiate for compensation for damages; if personal injury or death is caused, the driver of the vehicle shall immediately rescue the injured person and promptly report to the traffic police or public security authorities on duty.


5. the vehicle occurred after the traffic accident escape, the accident scene witnesses and other informed personnel should be reported to the public security organs of the traffic management department or traffic police.

(1) If the road traffic accident is caused by the fault of one party, he/she shall bear full responsibility.

(2) If all parties are not at fault for causing a road traffic accident and it is a traffic accident, all parties are not responsible.

(3) If a road traffic accident occurs due to the fault of two or more parties, the parties shall be held primarily, equally and secondarily liable according to the role of their conduct in the accident and the severity of their fault.

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