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What are the factors that affect motorbike fuel consumption

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No two motorbikes in the world have exactly the same fuel consumption, even if they come from the same batch and the same production line. When it comes to calculating fuel consumption, I believe we all know how to do it, but when it comes to the key factors that affect fuel consumption, we may only have a hazy idea. This article summarises the five factors that affect motorbike fuel consumption, and I hope it can help!


1. Motorcycles

The fuel consumption of a motorbike is largely determined when it comes off the production line, from the tuning of the engine, as well as the power consumption of the displacement, the weight of the body, the appearance and the specification of the tyres, all of which will have an impact on the fuel consumption of the vehicle in the future. In particular, after a new motorbike has been bought, there will be a break-in period, during which different break-in techniques will also have an impact on the vehicle's fuel consumption in the future, as well as the use and maintenance of the motorcycle in the future, and the need for regular checks on tyre pressure and air filters, which will also affect fuel consumption. This is why it is important to check and maintain your motorcycle regularly after you buy it.

2. Rider

As we have said before, no two people in the world are exactly the same, and they all have slightly different personalities and temperaments. Some people are more moderate and some are more aggressive. The difference in fuel consumption depends to a large extent on the driving habits of the driver. In the simplest terms, your fuel consumption is different when you are in a good mood and when you are in a bad mood.

3. the road

The same road has a different driving experience, and there will be different terroirs, but the fuel consumption is also different when you run on different roads. The most fuel-efficient is of course the highway, but for us motorists, it is really too difficult to get on the highway. So, apart from the motorway, the most economical must be the countryside lanes, slowly enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and going at an even speed, which is wonderful to think about!

4. Fuel

People have character, cars have character, and petrol has character too. This is why some motorcyclists feel that there is not enough petrol to go around. When refuelling, you must choose a regular petrol station rather than a private one in the middle of nowhere. I believe we all understand the truth that cheap is not good! In the future, we must put quality first!


5. Weather

According to incomplete statistics, in China, the three eastern provinces have the highest average fuel consumption in the country, just because the weather is too cold! The same displacement and the same model of motorbike, once the winter comes, the northern motorcycles will consume more fuel than the southern motorbikes, that's why! Weather is one of the key factors that increases fuel consumption!

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