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Tools You Need To Repair Your Motorcycle

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As one of the transportation means, there is some common problems for motorcycles in use. If the repair site is not so easy to find, then we suggest that we can solve some minor problems by ourselves. In this case, repair tools are very important. I recommend some practical tools for motorcycle maintenance, hoping it will be helpful to you all.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

This tool is believed to be must have tool for many motorcyclists. In the past, people used to pinch or kick a few feet to estimate the tire pressure, which is not very accurate. If measured with a tyre pressure gauge, the data will not be false. If you do not know the standard tire pressure of front and rear motorcycle wheel chocks, please refer to the on-board instructions with detailed instructions.

Rear Bracket

The rear bracket is a tool designed for two-wheeled motorcycles. It can support the motorcycle stand steadily. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to operate the motorcycle, such as replacing, lubricating chains, etc. There's no need to worry about the dump of the motorcycle. It's also a safety boost.


Ratchet Wrench

A standard combination wrench is useful in any maintenance situation. Motorcycle ground space is relatively compact, many motorcycle bolts ground operation space is not large. In this case, using a combination wrench with ratchets at one end can save a lot of time.

Electric Torsion Gun

Electric tools are used to reduce workers' labor intensity and make your life easier. Imagine how many times you need to twist your wrist with a ratchet to remove the sprocket or brake. So the electric torsion gun has a great effect.

Cable Lubricant

Cable lubricants are not very expensive. But when lubricating motorcycle cables, it is very important. You just screw the tool to the top of the cable, insert the pipe from the cable lubrication tank, and spray it. Once the lubricant bubbles from the far end of the cable, your cable can extend its service life.

Chain Breaker

This is what the chain breaker uses. Motorcycle owners with belt and axle-based drives may not feel the need for this. But most motorcycles are chain-driven. So most motorcyclists and repairmen need it. Nowadays, most motorcycles with large displacement use chains. The quality of chain riveting will directly affect the use of vehicles. A good quality chain breaker will only take a few minutes to replace the chain. Although you may only use it once a year, when you use it once, you will be very happy with your investment.

Rubber Strip

Adhesive tape is a common tool for tire repair. Sometimes when our motorcycle is stuck with nails and can't drive, rubber tape comes in handy. Of course, this can only be an emergency. The correct way of tire repair should be internal repair, because after sticking the rubber strip, if the tire leaks again, the tire is basically scrapped!

On-board Service Manual

Some people may argue that the maintenance manual is not a tool. It's actually the most important tool that can be used for any maintenance or repair of your motorcycle directly based on our reading. In fact, some simple disassembly and maintenance in the service manual are detailed records, you should save it, maybe it will help you in the future!

We need to prepare the repair tools for motorcycles. For motorcyclists, having complete maintenance motorcycle tools will bring them more convenience in repairing motorcycles.

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