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Tips on how to properly adjust your motorbike mirrors

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If you always turn your head to observe the situation behind you, you will look unprofessional and there are hidden dangers to your safety. So it's a must for every motorcyclist to learn how to adjust their mirrors. Today's article shares a few tips on how to properly adjust your mirrors on a motorbike!

What is the correct way to adjust the left and right mirrors on a motorbike? There is actually no specific requirement for this! The advice is to adjust the mirrors so that you can see behind you on one side and 3/4 of the area behind you on the other! Then sit on the bike in your usual riding position, and when you feel it's all set up properly, lock the base link nut!


There are different ways of adjusting the mirrors on different models! Apart from sports cars, most common motorbike mirrors are fixed to the handlebars by two nuts on each other. Therefore, it is important to have a small tool with you, or at the very least a suitable spanner!

First of all, loosen the fixing screws on the base so that one side can be viewed to the rear as we have previously requested; one side can be viewed to the rear 3/4 of the way up! Don't be in a hurry to tighten the screws just yet when you've adjusted it to about the same level. At this point, motorists should sit on the bike and start adjusting it according to their usual riding position until they're happy with it, then go ahead and tighten the nuts!


During the adjustment process, if your mirror base screws are chrome plated or otherwise finished, be sure to put a layer of paper or cloth between the spanner and the nut, otherwise you'll find that the painted surface will already be a mess when you tighten the screws!


As motorbikes are different from cars, cars have interior mirrors in addition to mirrors on both sides! But motorbikes only have mirrors on both sides, so no matter how much you adjust them, there will be blind spots, so we can only say that we can do our best.



So, when riding, motorcyclists must follow the standard that when adjusting the left and right mirrors, you must be able to see over both shoulders!


Due to the high vibration of the motorbike, the mirrors may need to be adjusted after a while! If, say, you experience blurred mirrors due to vibrations during your ride. If you are experiencing blurred mirrors due to vibration, it is advisable to put a rubber ring around the mirror nut to solve the problem!

The mirrors should be adjusted so that you can see behind you on one side and three quarters of the way behind you on the other!

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