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Tips For Motorcycle Tunnel Driving

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In recent years, we have often seen reports of traffic accidents in tunnels. Most of the causes of the accidents are drivers' lack of traffic awareness and additional precautions in the tunnel. Whether it is a motorcycle or a car, there are always a lot of drivers who don't know what to pay attention to when driving in a tunnel. This article tells you what you need to pay attention to when driving a motorcycle tunnel.

1. The low beam must be turned on before entering the tunnel

Even if lighting is installed in the tunnel, the brightness will be lower than the outdoor light. Therefore, when we drive in and out of the tunnel, our eyes are inevitably “blind”, but the degree of feeling is different. Of course, this kind of poor visual condition is improved by turning on the vehicle's low beam before driving into the tunnel.

Turning on the low beam driving in the tunnel not only allows you to see the road ahead, but also makes it possible for other vehicles to detect your presence, because most of the tunnel accidents are caused by the driver's judgment of other vehicle position errors. . Many drivers who don't have the driving lights to go tunneling, their reason is nothing more than "I can see clearly, there is no need to drive lights." But the problem is, even if your eyesight is superb, you can't guarantee that other drivers are as sharp as you are. It is best to turn on the low beam, which is a safe guarantee for you and other vehicles.

2. Must be properly decelerated before entering the tunnel

We all know that low speed can keep the risk to a minimum, because the tunnel environment is dark and it is easy to cause traffic accidents. Lowering the speed can greatly reduce the damage caused by the accident.

Tips For Motorcycle Tunnel Driving

3. Don't rush too speed out when you leave the tunnel

When driving out of the tunnel, because the driver's eyes may not be accustomed to the sudden brightening of the environment, this time should pay special attention, do not rush to speed up, in order to avoid a rear-end collision with the slow front car.

4. Keep safe distance from the front car

Whether on the highway or on the urban road, when we drive into the tunnel, we should keep enough distance from the front car and reserve enough space for ourselves.

5. Driving in the tunnel by lane

In general, the lanes in the tunnel are all mapped in white solid lines, which means that lanes are not allowed to change in the tunnel.

6. Motorcycle malfunction

Don't panic when a motorcycle or car suddenly fails. Hold the car to the side and turn on the double flash to remind other drivers to have a vehicle here to avoid accident collision.

Equipped with repair tools and accessories, such as commonly used motorcycle brackets, motorcycle wheel wedges, motorcycle tools, motorcycle bolt lifts, etc. These tools can help you repair the car as soon as possible and get out of trouble.

We emphasize the safety awareness of tunnel driving, we just hope to alert all motorists: tunnels should not be negligent and establish a sense of safety,it may be a crucial moment to save lives. If this article is helpful to you, please forward it to someone in need.

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