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Things to attention when riding in the city

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Riding in urban areas can be risky, with complex traffic conditions and intersecting junctions making for a dangerous situation. Here we have summarised ten of the most dangerous situations that can occur in urban areas, and we would like to share them with you to help you reduce your risk.


1. Driving in the middle of a lane

Tips: Motorcycles are motor vehicles too, so don't feel vulnerable giving way to the right of way. Driving in the middle of the road can reduce the risk of cars forcing their way. If a car forcibly steals the road, please adjust your mind and give way. Because even if the car is fully responsible, it is the cyclist who will be injured and in pain.

2. Keep a safe distance from the car in front

Tips: Be aware that the braking distance and stability of a locomotive is much lower than that of a four-wheeled vehicle. To give you sufficient braking distance and reaction time, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. You can count 1001, 1002, 1003 in your mind at a slower pace and then reach the position of the car in front of you to determine if you are within a safe distance.

3. Do not overtake on the right

Tips: Within the city, cars will instead neglect to observe the situation on both sides and stop at any time because of the slow speed of the car. Please do not overtake on the right side of the vehicle to avoid cars turning right quickly to stop and scraping accidents.

4. Stay away from cars that have just stopped

Tips: Vehicles that have just pulled over sometimes neglect to look at the vehicles driving behind them and open their doors directly, causing a scraping accident. So stay away from cars that have just pulled up to the side of the road.

5. Don't do the catapult start when the light is green

Tips: Ejecting from a start can draw a crowd, though. But you can't get everyone to obey the traffic rules, and if there are motor vehicles or electric vehicles that run the red light, the consequences are unthinkable. On the contrary, perhaps some people will applaud this kind of traffic accident.

6. when encountering intersections in advance to slow down, and left and right to observe the road conditions and then accelerate through

Tips: When you encounter a green intersection or an unsignalized intersection, please reduce your speed and observe the road conditions clearly on the left and right before accelerating through. Not everyone has the same sense of safety as you do.


7. Tell the car in front of you before overtaking

Tips: Before you overtake, drive to the left rear of the car in front of you. Use your horn or lights to signal the car in front that you are about to overtake. Look through the rear view mirror of the car in front and observe that the driver in front sees you before overtaking. This will prevent the vehicle in front of you from not noticing your position and turning quickly, turning around and scraping.

Don't overtake on a bend

Tips: Please do not overtake at bends. The car in front of you will block your view, and there may be 100 ways for you to fall off the road where you can't see.

Do not drive in non-motorway lanes

Tips: Firstly, the police will penalise you when they see you, because you are driving a motor vehicle. Secondly, shifting electric bikes have absolutely no judicious riding route and there is always the possibility of colliding with them, and the motorbike party will be held fully responsible, regardless of whose fault it is.

Slow down when overtaking a bus that is stopped at a stop

Tips: After a bus has come into a station, some pedestrians will step out directly in front of the bus and cross the road without observing the road conditions. You will not be able to react to a collision as your view is blocked by the bus. Therefore, please slow down or move away from the bus stopped at the stop.

These are all situations that riders have encountered and I would like to share them with you. There are many uncertainties that can lead to accidents on city roads and I hope this article will help riders to stay away from these "bad things".

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