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Things Should Attention When Parking Motorcycle

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When the motorcycle is parked for more than one month, there will be a variety of problems, such as tire cracking, loss of battery power, blockage of fuel tank and engine failure and so on. Therefore, in order to make your motorcycle keep in good shape, we will share some attentions in motorcycle long-term parking.

1.First, the motorcycle should be cleaned and aired. Additionally, some exposed parts such as chains, motorcycle bolts, bearings and so on, should be cleaned and coated with oil or butter to prevent rust.

2.The gasoline should be discharged from the fuel tank and sealed in containers. Otherwise, the light components in gasoline will volatilize into the atmosphere due to long-term parking, which will lead to the difficulty or failure of motorcycle start-up. At the same time, the gasoline in the carburetor should be exhausted to prevent the impurities in the gasoline from clogging the carburetor's measuring holes, oil passages and other components.

3.We should remove the batteries from the motorcycle and wipe them up. Before stopping using the motorcycle, we should charge it fully, put it in the dry place and replenish it once a month. But we should not release the electrolyte in the battery to prevent the plate from oxidizing when exposed to air.


4.A certain amount of oil should be injected into the exhaust pipe of a four-stroke motorcycle. We should remove the exhaust pipe from the motorcycle, add a small amount of oil from the front of the exhaust pipe and install the exhaust pipe back. This process needs the help of motorcycle tools. Then we can start the engine to make the oil evenly distributed in the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

5.We should remove the spark plug with motorcycle tools and fill the cylinder with pure four-stroke motor oil of 20ml from the spark plug mouth. Then we can install the spark plug back and turn off the ignition lock switch. Moreover, we should step on the starting rod five or six times, so that the oil is evenly distributed on the cylinder wall. If there is no foot to start the motorcycle, we can take off the spark plug cap, turn on the ignition lock switch and press the start button for two or three seconds.

6.The front and rear tires should maintain standard air pressure. If the tire air pressure is too low, it will cause premature aging and cracks.

7.We should use the motorcycle lift to make the tire meet the required standard. And we can use the motorcycle wheel chock so that the wheels can not contact the ground.

8.We should cover the motorcycle with cotton cloth with good air permeability instead of covering with plastic tape or coated cloth. And we should park it in the place of ventilation, dryness, cleanliness, rain proof and sun protection. We should not store it with harmful objects such as flammable goods and chemical corrosives, otherwise, it will accelerate the aging of the motorcycle stand and appearance.

9.In order to be safe, we should turn off the ignition switch and pull out the key. If it is necessary, we can buy a big lock with shock absorption or a lock of the rear wheel to make the motorcycle safer.

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