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The correct mileage for oil changes on motorbikes

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As we all know, motorbikes are also motor vehicles. So, since they are motor vehicles, like cars, they need oil changes and other maintenance! So, do you really know how often to change the oil in a motorbike?

In fact, there is no standard for how often motorbikes should have their oil changed.


Let's take a look at the official statement: change the oil once at 300, 800 and 1500 km during the break-in period, and once at 1500 to 2000 km after that!


For the number of oil changes during the break-in period, this will be done according to the official statement first, as it relates to the issue of warranty! But, do you really know anything about how often to change the oil after the break-in period?

Let's start with the types of oil: motorbike oils are roughly the same as car oils: mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic! Ultimately, they all serve to keep the engine lubricated and even to dissipate heat! When the oil circulates in the engine, it becomes the "blood" of the engine, so it is only when the "blood" is healthy that the engine can run properly. Next, let's focus on how often these three types of oil should be changed to be qualified!

Mineral oil


Mineral oil is a transitional product in motor oil and is generally used for the break-in of vehicles. However, if you are still using mineral oil at a later stage, it is normal to change it around 2000km! If your motorbike is in a high speed state for a long time, then the frequency of change should be more diligent, because ultimately, mineral oil is not as good as synthetic oil in terms of wear resistance and durability!


Semi-synthetic oils


Semi-synthetic oils are different from mineral oils in terms of additives and formulation. In terms of engine protection and stability, as well as longevity, they are higher than mineral oils! Normally, semi-synthetic oil should be changed around 3000km. Sometimes you can change it at your own discretion depending on your riding habits or the use of your vehicle.

Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

After a certain amount of riding experience, many motorcyclists will choose fully synthetic motor oil! Fully synthetic oils are more stable and longer lasting than their predecessors! As long distance motorcycling can be a test for the motorbike engine. So, choosing the right oil is the key! Generally speaking: fully synthetic oil can be changed at 4000-5000 km, so it is a waste to change it too early! However, as the engine continues to run for a long time during a motorcycle trip, the wear and tear on the oil is also great, so it is recommended that it should be changed around 3500km! During this period you can observe the quality of the oil through the dipstick, if the oil is black and not sticky, then change it as soon as possible! Otherwise it will have a great impact on the engine!



In fact, the exact mileage of an oil change can be taken as a reference, as the quality of oil varies, the driving habits of motorcyclists vary and the condition of the motorbike varies. All these factors will affect the oil change interval. If it's time to change your motorbike's oil, then don't delay! Otherwise, the damage to the engine will be irreversible. Many motorcyclists have suffered different degrees of damage to their beloved motorbikes because of sloppiness and delay!

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