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The basic knowledge about motorcycle structure

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Motorbikes are a part of many people's lives, not only bringing us pleasure, but also invariably giving us a greater understanding of mechanical construction. I don't know if you've noticed, but there are many people who ride motorbikes, but very few people know the basics of motorbikes. Today I would like to share with you the composition and construction of motorbikes. I hope that this article on motorbikes will be useful for those who are interested.


The motorbike, no matter how much it changes, is made up of these six basic systems: engine, transmission, running system, steering mechanism, electrical equipment and braking system.


1. The engine


The engine is the heart of the motorbike, and its importance to the vehicle is self-evident. Its role is to make the combustible gas mixture burn in the cylinder, converting heat energy into mechanical energy and providing power to our vehicle. The internal structure of the engine is relatively complex, including the cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft cover, crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, carburettor assembly, air filter, etc. Even now, I have yet to fully understand the entirety of the motorbike engine.

2. Transmission system


The transmission system consists of clutch, gearbox, transmission, triangle tape and other transmission parts. Its function is to transmit the power generated by the engine to the drive wheels to drive the motorbike forward. The transmission can increase the torque transmitted to the drive wheels and change the speed, so that the motorbike can change different driving speeds and driving forces to ensure a smooth ride.


3. Travel system


The running system consists of the front fork assembly, the rear suspension assembly, the frame assembly, the wheels, the front and rear braking systems, etc. The role of the running system is to make the motorbike a whole, to support the weight of the whole vehicle and to ensure that the vehicle can be driven properly. It converts the torque from the transmission system into tractive force to drive the motorbike, and at the same time withstands and transmits the various forces acting on the wheels from the road, so that the motorbike can run smoothly on different roads and reduce impacts and absorb vibrations.


4. Manoeuvring and braking systems


The role of these two systems is to directly control the speed, direction, lighting and signals of the motorbike. The motorbike requires a high degree of hand and foot coordination, and the quality of these two systems is directly related to the safety and operation of the wheels.



5. Electrical equipment


Electrical equipment refers to the electrical equipment and wiring involved in a motorbike, including the power supply, ignition system, signal system, lighting system, etc. Its main function is to start the engine and ensure that the engine works properly, while ensuring that the car can be properly illuminated and sounded, and that the screen can display the speed, speed and other relevant indices to ensure the safety and reliability of the motorbike.

The above are the six basic structures of a motorbike, each of which has a different composition and requires a lot of effort to fully understand, but it is necessary to understand some basic common sense techniques to help us better understand the car and help solve some of the daily motorbike problems.

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