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Problems About Motorcycles Parking Long

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Motorcycles and automobiles are belong to motor vehicles. Vehicles need to be maintained at ordinary times in order to maintain the activity of the vehicle and keep the performance of the vehicle from being damaged. After many people buy motorcycles, motorcycles are in a state of parking. Very few people can really travel by motorcycle. For those who are often busy with their work and unable to drive the motorcycle, parking their motorcycles needs to do a few things, otherwise the motorcycle will have a series of failures when it starts again.

Faults of Motorcycle Parking for a Long Time

Battery power deficit

Battery power shortage is the most common phenomenon, not to mention long-term parking, many motorcycles parked for a week are very likely to appear battery power shortage and hard to ignite the phenomenon.

Carburetor Blockage

The gasoline inside the long-stayed motorcycle may not only deteriorate, but because of the long-term parking, the gasoline settles, causing the gasoline in the carburetor to block the pores. The carburetor is the central distribution device of the vehicle, which is crucial for the start-up operation of the engine. The function is that it is difficult to start the motorcycle once it is blocked, and the performance of the vehicle is also affected.

Tire cracking

The front and rear wheels of motorcycles have different tire pressures. When driving for a period of time, it must check the tire pressure. The long-term parking of motorcycles, the leakage of tires leads to insufficient air pressure, the tires are easily deformed and cracked. The price of a good tire is not cheap, and the tire can only be replaced.

Engine Abnormality

Long-term parked motorcycles, due to insufficient lubrication of body oil, lead to a great increase in the probability of direct contact friction between parts. Even if the lubricant is replaced before the start-up, abnormal noise can be heard, which is likely to be the sound of direct friction of parts. If parked for half a year to a year, even some internal parts may be corroded.

Motorcycle Stand Rust

Long-term exposure, in addition to the dust, exposed metal parts such as chains, screws and motorcycle bolts may also be corroded and rusted, the exterior color of the vehicle will also fade and age.


Avoidance Method of Motorcycle Parking for a Long Time

Remove the fuel from the jerry can and pack it in a sealed jerry can. At the same time, drain the oil from the carburetor and re-load it before the motorcycle starts again.

Motorcycle battery is located under the seat, easy to disassemble by motorcycle tools, every other month to recharge the battery, until the start-up before installing back to use.

The motorcycle must not be placed in the open air. Before parking the motorcycle, the motorcycle should be cleaned, dried, buttered and rust-proof on the chains and bare metal parts of the car. After doing the above steps, the motorcycle should be parked in the underground parking lot and covered with the cover of the motorcycle.

Before the motorcycle is parked for a long time, replace the engine with high-quality lubricating oil, refill the fuel tank, install a fully charged battery, heat the motorcycle, and then drive on the road.

In a word, if the car is not used for a long time, it will easily lead to the phenomenon of retardation and aging. Only by doing a good job of pre-care, it can continue to use it in the future and minimize the incidence of failure. Founded in 2008, JIAXING JUJIE HARDWARE TOOL CO.,LTD  is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. It is a factory engaged in producing motorcycle bolts, motorcycle stand/lift and wheel chock, motorcycle tie down, motorcycle tool, and plastic can. If you are interested in our motorcycle tools, please contact us at any time.

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