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Motorbike night driving precautions

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After a late night, physical strength decreases and mental distress sets in; this, coupled with the low light at night, can affect riders' judgement of road conditions and lead to increased driving hazards, so driving at night requires particular attention to safety. The following points should be noted when driving at night.


1. Prepare well before you go out


Before travelling at night, it is important to maintain plenty of energy and to check the technical condition of the motorbike carefully, especially the lighting section must be complete and effective.

2. Use of lights


Motorbike lights are used for both lighting and signalling purposes. The lighting is mainly used to illuminate the road in front of the vehicle and also as a signal light (overtaking signal at night). Signal lights are mainly used to alert other vehicles and pedestrians to avoid them. Therefore, the lights should be used flexibly according to the specific situation.

3. Speed control


You should drive your motorbike at a lower speed at night than during the day. Even on roads with little traffic, you should be wary of bicycles and pedestrians suddenly crossing the road. When tailgating a car, it is important to lengthen the following distance and slow down in time. Also, pay attention to road construction signals and check the situation before passing.


First and foremost, slow down at night. Suggestions: When you get to a junction, flash your high beams to see if there are any pedestrians, and press the horn if you can't slow down. When a pedestrian suddenly appears in front of you, you should not steer directly to the side because you are not sure if there is any other danger to your side.


4.  Pay attention to the road surface


Night driving lights will bounce up and down with the body, and swing left and right with the handlebars, blurred vision and restricted by the light beam, observation of the road is far less than during the day. You can use the changes in the range of lights to identify the contrast between light and dark on the road to enhance the discrimination of road conditions.

This is rather like walking at night to see a puddle: if it is reflective, there is water. This method can also be used on roads without street lighting to determine the condition of the road surface. The road surface will turn grey when illuminated; the sides of the road or where there are large potholes in the road surface are not illuminated and are black.

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