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How to ride a motorbike in strong winds

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Many cities in our country have poplar trees on both sides of the street. In the spring season, the fluttering of poplar may look spectacular to people from a distance, but it can cause problems for motorcyclists. Unlike cars, motorbikes do not have cabs, so the rider is outside and the fluttering poplar or dust in front of him can be inhaled into his nose, but it also affects his vision and his instinct to dodge when something is flying in front of him.

Therefore, we would like to summarise a few precautions for motorbike riders on windy days to remind them that they must be aware of the situation before it happens, so that they do not lose their way in the wind once similar weather occurs.



1. Look ahead and watch out for pedestrians. When the wind is blowing, some pedestrians use sarongs to cover their faces or wear sunglasses, so their vision will be somewhat restricted; others speed up their pace and run wildly, when pedestrians tend to focus on the road and ignore motor vehicles. Riders must pay close attention to this, otherwise it is very easy to cause traffic accidents and bring harm to pedestrians and themselves.

2. Watch out for vehicles at intersections. In general, traffic police manage cyclists relatively loosely. On a windy day, some cyclists with their heads down just try to ride forward, at intersections or on mixed traffic roads as if no one else is there, riders should pay attention to "deal with" these lowriders, at this time it is best to drive at a low to medium speed, ready to brake and stop, in case these "free people "It is advisable to drive at a low to medium speed and be prepared to brake and stop to prevent these 'freeloaders' from trespassing into the motorway.

3. Motorcycle horns are not very useful. Due to high winds, some pedestrians or drivers of other vehicles simply cannot hear the sound of a motorbike horn or do not pay attention to the sound of your horn, and besides, many cities prohibit the sounding of motor vehicles' horns. Therefore, in such situations or when encountering unstable targets, do not try to honk your horn furiously to get others to give way, as this will not help, and passers-by are quite distracted when encountering such weather, but will cause a rush.

4. Decisive reaction alert. Once a dangerous situation arises while driving, when it is too late to brake or when you can't brake, especially remind the rider to learn to dodge in time in order to get the maximum safety factor. The rider should be quick to react without panic, turn the handlebars to avoid the obstacle, then immediately hold the handlebars straight and quickly complete the dodging action to restore the motorbike from a swaying state to a stable one.

5. Get good protection and pay attention to the load. When riding on a windy day, you should wear protective glasses, preferably wind goggles, to avoid sand and dust flying into your eyes. Sunglasses in this case are rather bad and will affect the rider's vision. If you are carrying people or goods on the back of the bike, the resistance will make it difficult to manoeuvre and you should be more careful to prevent the goods from being blown sideways, slanted or scattered by high winds, falling and injuring pedestrians or scraping pedestrians, causing the bike to lose its centre of gravity and fall over. It is important to remind riders that they should always carry people and goods in accordance with the regulations and not to overload or over-width the motorbike and affect the function of the rear view mirror.


6. Drive carefully and park carefully. To avoid falling objects, it is best to park away from buildings, dead trees, balconies, window sills and billboards that stand for long periods of time to protect yourself from falling objects.

Take care of all these things and you will be safe in the wind and experience the convenience that motorbikes can bring you.

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