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How to repair your motorbike at home: oil, filter and spark plugs(2)

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5. Drive belt and tooth chain

The replacement cycle is 50,000 km or 4 years for belts and 2 years and 20,000 km for disc chains!

Because the transmission belt is a stepless transmission, the impact is relatively small, so the replacement cycle is extended, while the disc chain is used for gearing, the impact and wear is relatively large, so the replacement cycle should be shortened.

6. Motor oil and gear oil

When replacing the oil, it depends on whether the quality of the oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil, mineral oil is replaced once around 3000km, fully synthetic oil is replaced once at 5000km. Gasoline filter, external type of steam filter replacement cycle is 10000-20000 km, oil pump one recommended 60,000 km replacement.

Gear oil should be changed every 5,000 km.


7. Air filter

Replacement cycle of one year! The time to replace the air filter mainly depends on the external environment, in general, the maintenance cycle of the air filter is 10,000 km or about once a year can be, in the case of more serious haze with the car, it is best to replace it once every six months or 70,000 km.

8. Brake fluid

The replacement cycle is 50,000 km or 2 years!

Outdated brake fluid will produce emulsification and deterioration, eventually causing a decline in brake performance or even failure. It is wrong to think that if the brake fluid does not turn black and the brakes are not soft, there is no need to replace it. Brake fluid is usually replaced after two years of use or 50,000 km, and it is important to find out whether it is DOT4 or DOT3 when replacing it.

To sum up: Regularly checking and maintaining your motorcycle is a responsible act for yourself and for other road users.

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