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How to repair and maintain motorbike shock absorbers

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The front shock absorber is an important part of a motorbike. Proper daily maintenance of the shock absorber can extend its service life. This article will introduce the function and structure of the front shock absorber and its daily maintenance, in order to deepen the user's understanding of the shock absorber and to better use and maintain the shock absorber.


Shock absorber function

The front shock absorber connects the frame and front wheel together elastically, using cushioning springs and damping mechanisms to effectively cushion the impact from the ground. A good damping system keeps the vehicle stable and ensures comfortable handling and a pleasant riding experience for the driver.

How the shock absorber works

When the shock absorber spring is compressed, the damping oil flows through the free valve and return hole; when the spring springs back, the free valve closes and the damping oil only flows through the damping hole, thus acting as a damper against spring bounce. The damping spring and the damping system work well together to provide damping and cushioning.

Precautions for daily use of the front shock absorber

Timely cleaning of the travel section

The shock absorber's dust cap and oil seal are rubber parts with a lip design to meet the daily dust protection requirements. However, long-term exposure to mud and sand particles will still cause wear and tear on the dust cap and oil seal, and oil leakage may occur in serious cases.

In use, the surface of the shock absorber should be cleaned in time to ensure that the fork rod travel section is clean and to prevent the fork rod and oil seal from being damaged by mud and sand intrusion, thus prolonging the service life of the shock absorber.

Regular anti-rust treatment of fork rods

The fork rod surface is made of double nickel-chromium technology, which has a good anti-rust ability and will not rust under normal use. If the vehicle is stored for a long time in a humid and unventilated environment, or in areas with high salt content (seaside areas), rust spots will appear on the fork rods and serious rust spots will damage the oil seals and lead to oil leakage failure.

Regular cleaning and anti-rust treatment of the fork rod surface can effectively prevent the fork rod from rusting and prolong the life of the shock absorber.


Avoid sharp and hard objects touching the working section

Sharp objects can easily damage the moving parts of the shock absorber, and the raised edges of the damaged parts can damage the oil seal and lead to oil leakage failure. Do not allow sharp objects to touch the working section of the fork rod.

The surface of the fork rods may also be damaged by splashing gravel during driving, especially on inverted front reduction models, where the fork rod working section is close to the ground and requires special attention!

Avoid adhesion of foreign objects to the fork rod surface

If foreign objects such as tape are adhered to the fork rod surface, they may become entrapped in the oil seal lip as the fork rod moves back and forth, causing oil leakage and, in severe cases, even seizure of the shock absorber!

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