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How to prevent motorbike theft

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Theft prevention on motorbikes is an old-fashioned topic, and every veteran motorcyclist will have their own tips on how to do it, but the current methods of operation can basically be divided into these three main categories.


1. Mechanical locks. The use of mechanical locks is the most common anti-theft measure for motorbikes. Although the original vehicle also has a headlock, additional mechanical locks can be added to secure the vehicle in a particular position and also increase the difficulty of opening it to damage.

But at this stage there is a wide range of locks on the market, and the quality of the products varies, so it is particularly important to pick the right lock. On this premise KnightShare recommends that when choosing a lock you should choose a better quality, smaller one, such as disc brake locks, front shock absorbing insert locks, chain locks, etc. These locks are not only easy to carry, but also easy to lock, and the difficulty of anti-technical opening will be greater, so you can focus on these types of locks.

2. Electronic anti-theft, electronic anti-theft products have been a long time, but in recent years the speed of renewal is relatively fast, such as the more popular chip anti-theft, fingerprint anti-theft, GPS tracking anti-theft, etc., their anti-theft means is mainly through locking the motorbike line, locating the vehicle location to achieve, this type of high-tech products compared to traditional locks, anti-theft operation will be more intelligent, the use will also be more convenient.

It goes without saying that the quality of the product and the installation method will directly determine its effectiveness and the installation method will affect the actual security performance. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable quality electronic security device and to pay attention to the installation method and location when installing them, trying to install them in places that are not easily dismantled so that they can play their proper anti-theft role.

3. car habits, the so-called car habits is actually a kind of anti-theft awareness training, because many car users will have parking without pulling out the key, do not lock the car habit, if there is no good car habits, the two devices in front of the operability is not high, of course, here the car habits also include, the choice of the vehicle parking place.


If the motorcycle is locked and parked in the wrong place, it can be easily stolen, because a motorbike is a mobile, open-plan vehicle, so sometimes a van can handle it.

When parking a motorcycle, it is important to choose a location with a high traffic flow or a familiar location to park it.

The above information shows that effective anti-theft measures for motorbikes include good habits, remembering to lock your vehicle at all times, and purchasing reliable locks and electronic anti-theft equipment.

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