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How to deal with rusty motorbikes

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1. Remove rust from motorbike surface plating

The appearance of a motorbike affects its vision, and the plated parts on a motorbike will have varying degrees of rust due to wear and tear or rainwater corrosion, which in severe cases can affect the appearance and damage the motorcycle parts.

Put ammonium acetate (white powdered crystal, available in chemical shops) into an equal amount of water, dissolve it fully and then warm it up to about 70℃, use a soft cloth to dip it into the solution and scrub the rusted parts until the rust spots disappear, then wipe off the residual solution with a dry cloth, the plated parts will be as bright as before.


2. Treatment of rusty motorbike chains

Many people tend to replace a badly worn chain, but in fact the chain is only worn in one direction. A chain with four directions can be used in different ways. Just open the chain pin, turn the chain around and reassemble it as a new chain.

When both sides of the inner ring have worn out, the chain can be taken apart and turned over so that the inner ring becomes the outer ring and two new sides can be used again. When all four sides of the chain are completely worn out, it is not too late to replace them with new ones.

In either case, take some time to clean the rear sprocket by spraying some cleaner on a rag and wiping it down, if it is very dirty then you will need to pour the cleaner over it and then carefully brush it with a brush so that the chain goes through the brush.

After cleaning, it's time to lubricate. Be sure to make it clear that we are going to lubricate this part, both sides of the chain, where the side spacers and the chain overlap, and turn the wheel with your right hand to lubricate the inner circle of the chain first.


3. Motorcycle fuel tank rust treatment

As we all know, it is common to find rust in the fuel tank of a motorbike. If not cleared in time, it may block the oil circuit, but it is troublesome to clean it up.

You can find a small stick about 30 cm long and bend it slightly, fix a magnet at one end and slide it back and forth into the bottom of the tank, then take it out and clean the rust off the magnet. This can be repeated several times to clean the rust off.

The exhaust pipe is also an area that often rusts, and is treated in the same way as the tank above.

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