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How to clean a modern motorbike exhaust pipe

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Motorbike exhausts are most often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and detailing. This delicate part deserves special attention as it is subject to many harmful elements on the road. Motorcycle exhaust is also affected by extreme heat, as it deals with hot gases from the combustion chamber. 

Special attention must be paid to your motorbike exhaust, but remember that the cleaning procedure will be completed depending on the type. Be careful when buying and using products to clean your motorbike exhaust and remember to follow the instructions provided on the bottle or can.



Step 1 Prepare by placing your motorbike on the frame away from direct sunlight. Remember not to wash your motorbike when the surface is in hot contact. Allow the motorbike to cool before spraying with water. This procedure applies to all parts of the motorbike, not just the exhaust.

Step 2 Hose down and spray the muffler with a garden hose to remove excess dirt and grime. Be careful not to spray water inside the exhaust. Wipe the exhaust port with a towel.

Step 3 Cover the exhaust port, cover the tip of your exhaust with a small plastic bag to prevent overspray and secure with a rubber band.

Step 4 Shampoo and work the shampoo into a lather. Dip a terry cloth into the solution and wipe down to the exhaust tip, this will remove mud, dirt and stubborn grime from the surface, this will also act as a preparation for waxing or polishing.

Step 5 Rinse and rinse the exhaust thoroughly with water. Ensure that no shampoo residue remains on the surface and remove the cap from the tip of the needle.

Step 6 Dry the exhaust with a clean, dry towel. You can use other rags for this process, but Terry cloth is best to avoid scratches on most chrome plated and polished surfaces.

Step 7 Use a cleaner, or other metal cleaner to your exhaust. Chrome surfaces will benefit from a suitable chrome cleaner to remove stubborn dirt such as asphalt. Follow the instructions provided in the product and allow the cleaner to stand for a few minutes before wiping or rinsing with water. Allow the exhaust to dry and then wipe with a towel. Step 8 Apply chrome or metal polish, using a soft, dry towel to apply the chrome or metal polish and rub in a circular motion over the entire exhaust surface.


Dry gently with a soft towel until shiny. Repeat if required, you can use a chrome pad to remove tarnish in the finish. The same procedure is usually followed when applying polish to other metal surfaces, remembering to use a polish suitable for the type of finish. This procedure is best carried out at least once a week to protect and maintain the exhaust finish. Remove any stains as soon as possible and do not apply nail polish while in contact with the surface.

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