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Daily maintenance of your motorbike

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Motorbikes are a very convenient and low cost means of transport. They are more powerful and have a better range than electric vehicles, and are more affordable and convenient than cars.

A motorbike is a motor vehicle and needs to be maintained on a daily basis in order to serve you better.


Daily maintenance points

1. Air filter cleaning

If the air filter is too dirty and has not been cleaned for too long, it will lead to a lack of power and increased fuel consumption, and even lead to the engine block being pulled down, so the air filter should be cleaned or replaced frequently.

2. Tyre pressure check

If the air pressure is too low, the friction with the ground will increase and so will the fuel consumption. If the air pressure is too high, it is not ideal and it is easy to skid in turns or on muddy roads, which is very dangerous.

3. Brake inspection

Brakes are also called braking systems, the consequences of brake problems should be very clear to everyone, it goes without saying, so the brakes should also be checked regularly for urgent maintenance.

4. Fuel tank cleaning

Because the gasoline may be part of the tiny impurities, or is the refueling accidentally dropped into the fine particles, or the tank internal iron chipping off, over time will be precipitated in the bottom of the tank, will be shining into the betting race oil pipe, resulting in the car to give no oil, the engine is also bad. There are also various factors such as rain leading to water inside the tank, which is not good for the engine and will also appear to give the phenomenon of replenishment on there. So to regularly clean the tank, the method; put the gasoline dry, in pouring a small amount of gasoline, and then put dry in pouring the cycle a few times basically, wash the tank of gasoline must not be used in.


5. Change the oil

The main function of oil is to lubricate the engine and dissipate heat from the engine. The constant operation of the engine and the constant friction will produce many tiny iron chips, so the oil should be changed regularly.

6. Warm up your bike when it's cold

In winter or cold weather, let the engine warm up for 3 to 5 minutes when you first start it in the morning or if it has been parked for too long.

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