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Checklist before riding a motorcycle

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If you are travelling on a motorbike, it is even more problematic if you have a problem with the motorbike halfway through the trip, so you still need to be prepared before riding the motorbike so that it does not break down on the road and the owner has to push it along.


The first is the need to check the motorbike's chain. With the motorbike off, switch the gears to neutral and run your hands over the chain to feel how smooth it is. Check to see if the chain is within a reasonable degree of tightness and if there are any deformed gears. Some motorbike chains are straightforward to see if they need to be replaced.

The second is the tyres. The tyres should have a tread pattern of at least 1.6 mm, and should be checked for uneven wear or abnormal bias wear. Also check that the air pressure is not within the normal range. If the air pressure is high or low, then the tyres will be worn abnormally and unevenly.

Thirdly, the brakes. The longer the piston is pushed out, the lower the brake fluid will be. You can look at the quality of the remaining brake fluid and if there is little left then the brake fluid needs to be replaced as well as the brake shoes.

The fourth thing to check is the headlights and tail lights. When travelling, it is important to check that the headlights and taillights are working. When checking the lights, check the low beam and high beam, and also check the taillights to see if they are all working properly. These lights provide illumination when driving at night and if they are faulty, the car owner's safety can be at risk. Check the brake lights and turn signals as well. These lights provide a reminder to other car owners when using the motorbike and also ensure the safety of the owner.


Fifth is to check the motorbike's oil. Some motorbike owners are able to see the oil directly and can see the colour of the oil. If the colour of the oil becomes black the owner needs to change it in time. After the break-in period, mineral oil can support the motorbike for 2,000 kilometres, while fully synthetic oil can support the motorbike for a longer distance.

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