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Can I use my mobile phone during a ride?

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Mobile phones have become an extension of our brains. I guess we only need them when we sleep, but they are always at our service.

1. Back pocket of cycling jersey

Nowadays, pockets are designed on the back of cycling jerseys, where riders can put energy gels, supplies, water bottles, etc. As amateur players, we see this as a treasure chest, where wallets, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, spare tires, mini air cartridges, food, etc. can all be put inside, but of course the more sophisticated ones will put a self-sealing bag and then put the phone inside to avoid sweat from wetting the phone. It is very convenient to put your mobile phone in the back pocket and you will not miss important calls.


2. Mobile phone holder

The mobile phone holder for motorbikes is mostly placed directly on the grip, while the one for road bikes is mostly placed on the position of the wrist group cover, which is quite convenient no matter where you put it. Now the design and production process of the mobile phone holder are quite good, not too worried about the upside down, but I am very worried about falling or parking accidentally fall will knock the phone to break.

3. Saddlebag

Saddlebag is a good thing, as a small and practical mount tool and everyone likes, and many saddlebags have a special place for mobile phones, both transparent and waterproof, you can check the contents of the phone at any time. However, I feel that the ties of the saddlebag will affect the movement of the brake line and affect the operating feel when turning.

4. Tail bag

Tail bags usually place the spare wheel or tire repair tools, put the phone is not very convenient to access, but in the case of no clothes pockets, is also a good choice, especially for many girls' clothes.

5. Arm bag, waist bag

These two bags are mostly used by running partners, the arm bag is fine, basically will not affect the feeling of riding, but the waist bag is really a bit uncomfortable, when riding itself will have a forward leaning action, the waist and then a waist bag strangled on the power and breathing will have an impact.


6. Backpack

For medium to long distance riding, a backpack is a good tool, especially one with a water bag, which is great for putting a mobile phone in, but it can be a little inconvenient to access.

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